This website is designed to facilitate the use of the Bangla language on Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. No software downloads or installs are required, making it the ideal environment for most users. In some cases, with old systems, you may need to install a Bangla Unicode font. It works best under modern Operating Systems (Windows XP SP3 and above, Mac OSX and Linux) using a current Internet browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. The site has also been tested on iPhones and iPads using the Mobile Safari browser.

The Learn Bangla Tab shows you the methodology for learning Bangla and the Write Bangla Tab describes how you can write Bangla using a Phonetic English method.

All the pages in this site are described in the What Is On This Site? Tab.

Learn Bangla

In the Learn Bangla section of this website, I have put together a step-by step approach to learning Bangla for someone who knows English.

We know that a five-year-old child can speak in grammatically correct sentences in their “Mother Tongue.” They do not have a large vocabulary at that point, but manage to express themselves adequately. Linguists theorize that humans are born with a “language instinct” and they pick up the nuances of grammatical construction from their parents’ conversations.

The teaching method in this site emulates how a child would learn their “Mother Tongue”. A grammar framework is established early. Then vocabulary words are introduced within this framework. This approach appears to be different from most Bangla textbooks and the large variety of resources available on the Internet. I am confident that your learning will be easier and your comprehension will be deeper if you go through the lessons on this site.

An Online Curriculum for an Intensive 14-week Course to Learn Conversational Bangla

The Details of this course are at Online Course Lesson Plans.

Pronunciation Guide

  • Bangla words can be broken down into syllables. When we pronounce a word, we are speaking out the syllables in order. In standard Bengali, the primary stress falls on the initial syllable of the word, while secondary stress often falls on all odd-numbered syllables.

    Pronunciation Guide — Pronunciation Guide breaks down the Bangla words into syllable-marked Phonetic English. You will find it much easier to determine which syllables require stress when pronouncing these words.

Borno Porichoy by Vidyasagar

  • Borno Porichoy is a short 2 volume book written by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar in 1885. It is extensively used to teach Bengali children how to recognize the letters of the alphabet and provides a vocabulary based on the alphabet forms. Unfortunately, it teaches Bangla using Bangla and therefore requires a teacher’s guiding hand. I have taken the content of this excellent book and annotated it in English to make it suitable for self study.
    Borno Porichoy — Learn Bangla » Borno Porichoy by Vidyasagar
    Borno Porichoy Part 1 – Words without conjugated letters
    Vowels অ আ ই ঈ Consonants ক খ গ ; Numbers ১ ২ ৩ ৪ ; Words using Consonants and Vowels; a-kar া, i-kar ি, I-kar ী, u-kar ু, U-kar ূ, rri-kar ৃ, e-kar ে, OI-kar ৈ, O-kar ো, OU-kar ৌ, Words with Consonants, Vowels and -kars; Special Consonants ং ঃ ৎ; Special -kar forms গু রু শু হু রূ হৃ ;
    Borno Porichoy Part 2 – Words with Consonant Conjugations
    J-Phola য, r-Phola র, l-Phola ল, b-Phola ব, N-Phola ণ, n-Phola ন, m-Phola ম, reph র, Double Letter Consonant Conjugations; Triple Letter Consonant Conjugations

Sohoj Path by Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore wrote this book for children learning Bangla. It consists of a illustrated review of the letters of the Bangla Alphabet, and 10 chapters of Bangla sentences that will help you acquire a basic vocabulary and get insights into grammatical structure. It is a very useful book for practicing your Bangla pronunciation as you read the sentences.

In the version presented here, an English translation and English Phonetic representation is shown, which will aid your understanding and make the text readable even if you are not completely familiar with the Bangla Alphabet. The first few chapters include sound recordings by Andrea Mandal, an American who has been learning the Bangla Language.

Write Bangla

In the Write Bangla section of this website I want to help you learn Bangla as you write Bangla using a Phonetic method. If you are already familiar with entering Bangla letters, may understand how a phonetic input method makes it easier for new learners to write Bangla using an English Keyboard.

While there are many phonetic schemes available today, I have developed the suborNo method specifically for this site and the learning environment it tries to address. It is as close as possible to the way Bangla words are actually pronounced. It has a few differences with what is used by AVRO Keyboard, especially the use of ‘ch’ for ‘চ’ and ‘chh’ for ‘ছ’. Most new learners will just accept the transliteration method, but if you are interested in the history and logic behind suborNo, you will find it at About » The suborNo Phonetic Transliteration Scheme. Using this method, the software will automatically perform complex operations like Vowel Diacritics (-kars) and Compound Consonants (juktakkhor).

When you write Bangla, you will begin to see some anomalies. For example, two of the Vowels have a short and long form when written, but they are pronounced in the same way in conversational Bangla. A few consonants have two or three different letters designated for the same sound. So the spelling of a word may look anomalous compared to how you would pronounce it. This is an artifact of Bangla’s Sanskrit roots, from more than a thousand years ago. The suborNo method addresses spelling by assigning ‘n’ and ‘N’ for the two naw sound, for example.

Learners also need to lookup English words to find their Bangla equivalents. While a limited Word glossary is useful, access to a good Bangla-English Dictionary provides a much richer learning experience, especially of you get deeper into how a word is used.

Finally, if you come across a large amount to Bangla text (for example, all of the works of Rabindranath Tagore are now available online), you need to be able to do a reverse transliteration and get the Phonetic English.

Write Phonetic Bangla with Spelling Aid, Word Finder, Dictionary and two-way Transliteration

The Write Phonetic Bangla page, Write Bangla » Write Phonetic Bangla, combines all the necessary tools and accessories for writing Bangla easily. The Write Bangla page has internal windows that can be optionally opened to access a function. This ensures that you do not have to leave the page to perform a common action. Here is what you will find on the page. writebangla
  1. A main window Write Bangla with Spelling Assistant
    • A yellow box where you put in Phonetic English. You can change the English and you will see the change immediately in Bangla
    • A blue box where the Bangla is rendered.
    • A Spelling Aid white box on the right, where you are shown likely matches for Bangla spelling from a 12,000+ word dictionary. As you enter Phonetic English, the possible match list is constantly updated. If a match is found, the word is highlighted in green if an exact spelling match, or in yellow if one or more letters need to be modified.
  2. A minimized window (opened by clicking on the “Show” button) English-Bangla Word Finder will let you search the built-in dictionary for an English or Bangla word.
  3. A minimized window Samsad Bangla-English Dictionary will let you easily search the Samsad Bangla-English dictionary hosted by the Digital South-East Asia Library at the University of Chicago. You can search this library for English or Bangla words (the Bangla is created using the same phonetic method as in Write Bangla).
  4. A minimized window Transliteration Workpad EN« »BN lets you go back and forth between Bangla and Phonetic English. Sometimes you will come across a letter formation (usually with Compound Consonants) that you just do not recognize. For example, the two words রক্ষা and উদ্ধার. In this case we want to go BN to EN – paste the Bangla words into the blue box on the right. Press the Convert BN to EN. The converted text will show up in the left box and will show the two words rokSha and uddhar. You will be able to deduce that the unfamiliar character in rokSha is the compound consonant k+Sh ক + ষ and the unfamiliar character in uddhar is the compound consonant d+dh দ + ধ.
    You will find this tool particularly useful if you want to look at long pieces of text (Bangla Unicode or Phonetic English) like a poem or short story.

Verb Conjugation Wizard

As you learn about Verbs and conjugated Verb forms, you may be overwhelmed by how many new words you have to memorize. Verbs in Bangla change forms (are conjugated) based on Person (First, Second and Third) and Tense (Past, Present and Future). There are rules that govern the conjugation. This “Wizard” is designed to show you the patterns and examples of the conjugation rules. You can select any of about 100 common verbs and see a compact table showing you all 24 conjugations of each verb. An example of a complete sentence is shown for each conjugated form.
The Verb Conjugation Wizard Write Bangla » Verb Conjugation Wizard currently conjugates 100+ Bangla Verbs. It may be the only such wizard available anywhere.

Sentence Construction Wizard

Once you have a good understanding of Verbs and their conjugations, you will want to create complete grammatical sentences. In the Learn Bangla section, we have covered the rules for using various Parts of Speech like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Determiners. The Sentence Construction “Wizard” leads you step by step through constructing grammatically correct Bangla Sentences.
Write Bangla » Sentence Construction Wizard make make grammatically correct sentences from a limited vocabulary of words. This may be an unique functionality that I have not come across in books or websites to-date.

Translating English to Bangla

Finally, you may be interested in translating a sentence in English to Bangla. Google Translate is popular but rather inadequate in many cases. A simplified user interface to Google Translate is at Write Bangla » Google EN-BN Translate.

I would recommend an experimental English to Bengali machine translator developed by Golam Mortuza Hossain, based on linguistic principles. You can find it at Write Bangla » Anubadok Bangla Translator. The Translator works very well for “simple” English sentences where there is a Subject, a Verb and an Object.

Learning Conversational Bangla

A guide to learning Conversational Bangla.

Vocabulary – Glossary of Words in English and Bangla

Learn Bangla Words, understand spelling rules, pronounce the words with the Phonetic English transliteration

Quizzes to Help Retention and Validate Learning

Repetition and recall aid understanding of the new words you learn.

Bangla Grammar Wizards

With a basic vocabulary, Bangla learners want to start building their own sentences. Bangla verbs have 24 conjugated forms based on Person and Tense. The first Wizard lays out these conjugated forms and builds a sample sentence to check their usage. The second Wizard leads you, step by step, to create a grammatically correct Bangla Sentence.
  • Verb Conjugation Wizard — Verbs in Bangla change forms (are conjugated) based on Person (First, Second and Third) and Tense (Past, Present and Future). There are rules that govern the conjugation. This “Wizard” is designed to show you the patterns and examples of the conjugation rules. You can select any of about 100 common verbs and see a compact table showing you all 24 conjugations of each verb. An example of a complete sentence is shown for each conjugated form
  • Sentence Construction Wizard — In the Learn Bangla section, we have covered the rules for using various Parts of Speech like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Determiners. The Sentence Construction “Wizard” leads you step by step through constructing grammatically correct Bangla Sentences

Writing Bangla

Writing in Bangla on a PC or Mac used to require a user to memorize a keyboard layout for Bangla letters. With Phonetic English and a set of Bangla Unicode fonts, even a casual user can easily write Bangla characters. Bangla Vowels, Vowel Diacritics (called -kars), Consonants and Compound consonants (called Juktakkhor) need to be easily rendered.

Google can let you write Bangla using Phonetic English, but the Transliteration scheme is not published. Also, the Phonetic English is not saved, so novice learners do not see the direct correlation between the Phonetic English and rendered Bangla.

The Phonetic Bangla Typing on this website is for learners who want to see the Bangla rendered as they enter each English Phonetic letter. The Bangla writing page also provides a Spelling Assistant, a Word Finder, access to the Bangla-English Online Samsad Dictionary and a set of Tools to go from English Phonetic to Bangla and vice-versa.

  • Phonetic Bangla Writing — Write Bangla using the Phonetic English pronunciation, using সুবর্ণ suborNo Bangla Phonetic method. Includes a Bangla Spelling Wizard to guide you through Bangla spelling; access to Samsad Dictionary; Transliteration Workpad and Phonetic Bangla Help
  • Transliterate Documents — Convert complete documents from Bangla to Phonetic English and vice-versa
  • Google Bangla Transliterate — Try out the Google Bangla Transliteration software

Writing Aids

Correct spelling and accurate word meanings are essential as you start expanding your knowledge of Bangla. These tools are the stand-alone versions of what you will find in the Write Phonetic Bangla section

Translation – English to Bangla

Google Translate is available in Bangla, however the quality of translation is quite uneven. The Anubadok Bangla Translator is usually more accurate. The webpage was designed to provide a complete translation workflow, to allow the user to tune the machine translation for their own use.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts related to the contents of this site — Blog Posts

Bangla Internet Resources

As you learn Bangla, you want to be exposed to multimedia content to enhance your learning of the language.
  • My Bangla Samples — Some English and Bangla text, audio and video from my collection
  • Read Bangla — Links to read Bangla -Tagore Online, Newspapers, Magazines Bangla Cooking Blogs
  • Bangla Radio/TV — Links to listen to Bangla Radio and TV like BBC Bangla and Voice of America Bangla
  • See Bangla — Links to see Bangla videos
  • Bengal, Bengalis, Bangla — Links to background materials from Wikipedia


Thank you for visiting this site. If I can help you in any way on your quest to learn Bangla, you can email me (sen.supriyo at gmail.com) or post your comments in the Comments section on each page.

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    1) Decode/parse sample sentences (as many as you can/wish) from BP and Shokoj Poth, providing a chance to explain (on mouseover) details now beyond your course, such as -e participles -a nominals, relative clauses, etc., in these sentences when they appear.

    2) Add a right-click-menu hook on your pages such that I can select (by whatever extant means) any Bangla word and click this command and have the word parsed (at least sent to Samsad — I did this with the firefox dictionary plugin, but you can do better).

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  4. I just found this site in a web search, and am amazed that this is my first encounter with it. This site is the most stupendous Bangla learning resource on the web, far and away, and ranks among the best and clearest Bangla-learning materials I have yet encountered in my halting quest to learn the mother tongue of Rabindranath Tagore. I want to thank you for the huge amount of care and effort visible on these pages, and hope to visit here often.

    I wrote you at the beginning of the year about your deeply moving video of Tobu Mone Rekho on YouTube.

  5. I wish to use bangla script for my future writing for different BENGALI periodicals.I am also not very good at computers.Can you help?

    1. Hi Alpana
      Yes, I can help you select the appropriate tools to write articles for Bangla periodicals. To make the advice specific to your needs, I would want to know
      1) Do you use a PC with Windows or a Mac or Linux computer. Do you know what level of Windows or MacOSX you use (e.g. Windows 7, or Mac OSX 10.8)
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      6) Do the periodicals state their requirements for submitted articles. For example, they could ask for articles to be in Microsoft Word format with Unicode Fonts. Or they could ask for PDF files.
      7) Do you have a strong internet connection? Do you know what kind of speed you have?
      Please send me an email at sen.supriyo@gmail.com and I will try to give you some advice on choosing your tools.

      Meanwhile, you can write Bangla pretty easily using Phonetic English by clicking on Phonetic Bangla Writing. It is meant to be used by people on PC. Mac, Linux, tablet or smartphone, using any current internet browser like Internet Explorer or Safari. You do not have to download any software to your PC. Your input is in Phonetic English (the phonetic scheme is always available at Quickhelp) and the output is in Unicode Bangla. The Bangla can be copy/pasted into a Word document and formatted normally. Or you can take the Bangla and copy/paste to an email message to send to others.

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    1. Thank you very much. I do my development using Safari on a Mac OSX Mountain Lion system, and my website is hosted under Linux. I usually test the rendering on other browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera in a Windows XP partition under VirtualBox on my Mac. Keeping 100% browser compatibility has been a challenge.

      I recently put in “floating windows” on 2 of my e-book pages. I found that this code was being incorrectly rendered on Windows. I have fixed that. Please let me know which pages you are noticing compatibility problems and I will fix them. Thanks for letting me know.

    1. Sorry, I don’t have any offline translation software. For online machine translation, there are two options:
      1) Anubadok Bangla Translator at Write Bangla->Anubadok Bangla Translator
      2) Google Bangla Translator at Write Bangla->Google EN BN Translate

      I recommend Anubadok as I get better results. Machine translation is very difficult to accomplish since sentence structure is so flexible in Bangla. Anubadok, for example, only claims good results with a simple sentence with a subject, verb and object in a sentence.

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    1. The font size of the Bangla text can be changed if you use a mail client that allows RTF (Rich Text Format) rather than Plain Text. For example, the new version of Google mail, in the “Compose” function will let you increase and decrease font size. Please email me at sen.supriyo@gmail.com for further help with this problem.

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