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This website is intended to teach and facilitate the use of the বাংলা Bangla (Bengali) language
  1. On any "computer" with an internet browser like a Desktop or Laptop (PC, Mac, Linux), Tablet or Smartphones (iOS or Android)
  2. At anytime, from anywhere with an Internet Connection or WIFI access
  3. With NO software/fonts to install and maintain on your computer

Three Kinds of Users

The contents of this site are described at About This Site. Move your mouse over the menubar to get an overview of what you can expect from this site.

This site will be useful for:

  1. beginner


    who want to learn Bangla.

    Beginners will start with Learn Bangla Section. This section will address the learning needs of time-constrained students who want to learn enough Bangla to be able to converse in it and feel at ease in the company of Bangla-speaking family, friends and business associates.

    There are 4 e-books and a 14-week intensive course using two of these e-books. In addition, There are a number of "articles" on Learning Bangla in the Posts Section

  2. adult

    Intermediate Learners and Experts in Bangla

    who want to write Bangla and use more advanced tools like Phonetic Transliteration, Spelling Assist, access to Samsad Dictionary and English to Bangla Translation.

    Such users will spend most of their time in the Write Bangla Section.

    They will also be able to find and use multimedia educational Bangla material in the Practice Resources Section

  3. teacher

    Bangla Teachers

    who want to use this site's methodology to teach Bangla to their students.

    If you are teaching someone Bangla, and find the currently available text books to be inadequate for online learners, you could use the material on this site as the main or supplemental course material.

    You may find the course curriculum entitled A Guided Course for Conversational Bangla useful in designing a curriculum for your students. The Practice Resources will be a rich source of material for your students to keep up their skills.

Some User Comments

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Min on 04-Apr-2015
I really appreciate your great achievement on your website. I got great help from this site so that I can continue my Bengali study as a foreigner. Again, I truly admire your work on Bengali and I hope this site will exist forever!

Trompo on 24-Oct-2014
Excellent website! Thanks so much, this is great for someone like me who can speak a little bit but needs to learn reading and writing!

Nate on 18-Sep-2014
Great site! As a future resident of Dhaka, I need to learn as much Bangla as possible. The content of your lessons is well laid out and easy to understand. It is a great supplement to my four hours of...more...

Babu Pushparaj on 20-Aug-2014
Thank you very much sir.

Nagin Chand on 14-Aug-2014
Is it possible to provide devnagari equivalents so that one may pick up Bangla faster through Hindi?

Supriyo Sen on 14-Aug-2014
There is a Post (Under Posts and Reading Practice) that compares the Devanagiri and Bangla Alphabet set. You can find it there.

Sherazul Islam on 27-Jul-2014
thanks a lot for easy writing bangla. 

subhash chandran.p on 11-Jul-2014
At last I have found a genuine website that cater to the kind of people who really want to learn the languages.well organised and easy to understand . 

Jayanta Narayan Choudhuri on 10-Jul-2014
I am really impressed! Your superb site should get far more publicity. If you engage a local SEO specialist you can improve Google ranking. This deserves to be right on top of all Bengali link favou...more... 

Nitin on 08-Jul-2014
Wordlist is a Nice Summary of the Entire course. This was effortless and fun revision. Really enjoyed reading this page

Nirazz Malla on 27-May-2014
Awesome.....hats off

Nitin on 09-May-2014
A Guided Course for Conversational Bangla - Thank you so much Mr. Sen for putting all the necessary resources together at one place. So far I find your site as the best one to learn Bangla. I appreciate your efforts to aggregate the best resour...more...

Park Sung won on 28-Mar-2014
A Guided Course for Conversational Bangla - Thank you Mr. Supriyo Sen. You help me learn Bangla very much. And conjugation part is great. For me conjugation is the most difficult part.

aarti on 11-Mar-2014
Amazing work, very helpful

Kris on 04-Dec-2013
I have been using your website for a few weeks now, and it is the most comprehensive site available. A truly wonderful resource! ...more...

View from The Top 02-Dec-2013
নমস্কার সুপ্রিয়বাবু। আপনাকে অসংখ ধন্যবাদ এবং অভিনন্দন এই ওয়েবসাইটটি আমাদের কাছে নিয়ে আসার জন্য আর এত সুন্দরভাবে maintain করার জন্য। পুরো site-টিই অনবদ্য। Transliteration-এর জন্যই originally এখানে এসেছ...more...

Emma on 07-Nov-2013
Thanks very much for providing this site to help learners like me! I'm so happy you finished and published everything just at the time when I needed to start learning! I have a few suggestions for ...more...

Bernie on 01-Nov-2013
I have been rejoicing in this site over the past day. As far as I know, it is really the first time someone with significant web design and coding skill has addressed the Bangla language, and it is a...more...

Bernie on 31-Oct-2013
I just found this site in a web search, and am amazed that this is my first encounter with it. This site is the most stupendous Bangla learning resource on the web, far and away, and ranks among the ...more...

ANUP DUTTA on 22-Oct-2013
Anubadok Bangla Translator this is very useful for me.thanks for that

Mosharof Hosain on 21-Oct-2013
very nice...

Pratiush on 30-Sep-2013
Thanks a lot supriyo for such a wonderful website. I was thinking of learning bangla for quite long. Luckily i got to the right link. Just started learning it on your website. Keep up the good work.

apurba on 27-Aug-2013
Anubadok Bangla Translator - superbbbbbbbbbb

Tanvir Quraishi on 17-Jul-2013
I was asked by one of my Dutch friend for a website where he can learn Bangla.... I search Google before let him know and find this site... after 1 minutes I realized I found the best site where anyone...more...

Thank you for visiting this site. If I can help you in any way on your quest to learn Bangla, send me a comment by clicking on the "Email Comments" button at the top. I will try to make your learning experience a positive one.

Supriyo Sen
সুপ্রিয় সেন

Bangla in the Digital Age

More people to be able to read and write Bangla on all kinds of computer devices
This site - - helps you learn Bangla using some computer device (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones). The software is written to run on Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux computers. It will also work on Android and iOS Tableta and Smartphones.

The content of this website is geared to attracting more people to learn Bangla -- by making it easier and quicker to learn and use Bangla using this site.

There are now many resources available on the internet that are in a format (referred to as "Unicode" fonts) that can be easily browsed with most computers. Many are referred to in the Practice Resources of this Website. Compilations of "Complete Works" are referred to in Great Bangla Literature and these are put together by SNLTR.

SNLTR (Society for Natural Language Technology Research) operates under the Department of Information Technology & Electronics, Government of West Bengal. It is involved in research into tools to bring technology to help spread the use of Bangla. One objective was to publish classical Bangla Literature on the web. The collected works of Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Sarat Chandra Chatterjee and Swami Vivekananda have already been published and more compilations are being assembled. SNLTR has also made great progress in standardizing Bangla Fonts and Keyboards and providing software tools for using Bangla on a variety of computers.

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