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Phonetic Bangla Typing - With Google Transliterate

For Phonetic Bangla Typing with Spelling Assist and same-page access to the Samsad dictionary, click Phonetic Bangla Writing.

  • Click on icon
    to turn Transliteration off/on.
  • Bangla word forms on blank, comma or period.
  • Select Bangla word to see possible corrections.
  • The contents of Document Area can be copy/paste'd into a document or email.
Document Area:

Google does not deal correctly with the end-of-sentence marker which, in Bangla, is called দাঁড়ি dan^Ri. Click on the button above to change all '.' to the '।' character.

Acknowledgement: This uses the Google Transliteration engine for Bangla. Google has withdrawn support of this API, so the user may see this stop working any day.

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