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Fast, Accurate Bangla Input

  Googvisual-Combining Google Transliterate & an Optional Bangla Keyboard
Bangla On/Off
            OR CTRL-C(PC)/CMD-C(Mac)

Input with the Bangla Visual Keyboard
Vowels & Vowel Signs

Consonants and Consonant Signs
ড় ঢ় য়  
Special Keys, Punctuation & Numerals
Space Conjunct ্
  - , ;

Common Pholas 2-letter Conjuncts

Differently Formed Conjuncts
ক ষ
ঙ ক
ঙ গ
ঞ জ
জ ঞ
ষ ণ
ন ত র
স ত র

Instructions and Help

1 - Bangla Input with Visual Bangla Keyboard

You can type in a Bangla word directly from the Visual Keyboard. For example, clicking on will produce আমার .

All vowel signs are inserted after the consonant whose sound it changes. When you want to form a compound consonant (or juktakkhor)
1. click on the first consonant,
2. then the Conjunct/Hosonto ্ ,
3. then the second consonant.

2 - Bangla Input with Google Transliteration

In the textbox, type in phonetic English for the Bangla words you want. The Bangla will be shown when you put in a space or a punctuation mark.

So if you enter amar, you will get আমার . Vowel Signs and compound consonants are handled in the spelling. Google spellchecks the word against its extensive library, so you will generally get the correct Bangla spelling for words where the phonetic English is close to its Bangla pronunciation.

Phonetic Bangla Transliteration Table

Vowel & Vowel Signs
অ   আ  াই  িঈ  ীউ  ুঊ  ূঋ  ৃএ  েঐ  ৈও  োঔ  ৌ
  o  a  i  I  u  U  rri  e  OI  O  OU


Functions for the Bangla Text

  1. If you have used Google Transliteration to produce Bangla Text from English ("Roman") Phonetic input, you have no doubt been annoyed by the inability of Google to produce the দাঁড়ি dan^Ri End-of-Line marker. Click on button to convert all Period/FullStop (.) to the দাঁড়ি dan^Ri character.
  2. is an experimental method to copy the contents of the Edit area to the Clipboard. This makes it easy (with CTRL/CMD-V) to paste the edit area directly to the Application. This button performs a "Select All" followed by "CTRL-C" in Windows and Linux and CMD-C on a Mac. iOS (iPhones and iPads) or Google Android Phones and Tablets have their own published way of accomplishing this action. But if you are using Chrome or Firefox in Windows, this button should work. Sorry Safari users, Apple's security does not allow Javascript copy-to-clipboard, so you will have to do this manually with CMD-C.

Email to yourself

If you want to keep a copy of a large block of Bangla text, just mail to yourself. Many people actually use "email to themselves" as a primitive backup mechanism.

Open Windows for Useful Bangla "Apps"

When you have created some Bangla text, you usually want to paste it into another application. For instance, you can open the following "Web Applications" right from your Bangla Editor window.
  • Bangla/English Word Finder - lookup Word Glossary to find English or Bangla words
  • Bangla Samsad Dictionary - find the dictionary entry for English or Bangla words
  • Bulk Transliterate - Convert blocks of text in Bangla to Phonetic English and vice-versa.
  • Pronunciation Wizard - Break up a block of text into syllables and thus help with pronunciation.

Text can also be transferred to other applications on the computer. If you had used the "Copy All to Clipboard button" or used the CTRL/CMD-C keyboard keys, your clipboard will already have what you need. Now find the application Window you want and CTRL/CMD-V to Paste the contents of the clipboard.

Actions with Bangla Text

Email to Myself | Bangla/English Word Finder | Bangla Samsad Dictionary |
Bulk Transliterate text blocks | Pronunciation Wizard

Acknowledgement:This uses the Google Transliteration engine for Bangla, no longer supported by Google.


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