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  Bangla Spelling Assistant
Not sure about Bangla spelling?

Use this handy Spelling Assistant to review the correct Bangla spelling as you type in Phonetic English!
Is it:
· hroswo-i or dIrgho-i? (‘ই’,‘ি’,’ঈ’,'ী’)
· hroswo-u or dIrgho-u? (‘উ’,‘ু’,’ঊ’,'ূ’)
· which jo? (‘জ’,'য’)
· which no? (‘ন’,'ণ’)
· which sho? (‘শ’,'ষ’,'স’)
· which ro? (‘র’,'ড়’,'ঢ়’)
Check for yourself!

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help The table shows the সুবর্ণ Bangla Phonetic scheme.

Each Bangla letter is represented by a sequence of 1 to 3 English letters, closely representing the phonetic sound of the Bangla letter. Note that upper and lower case English letters are used. You must use the letters exactly as specified. For example, you must use the lower case "p" to form the Bangla letter .

To write আমার নাম সুপ্রিয়, you would enter amar nam supriyo.

Usage Notes
You enter the phonetic English just like you would pronounce the word in Bangla.

The software will intelligently deal with the transliteration.

  1. Automatic selection of Vowels or Vowel Signs (-kar)
    The choice of the Vowel or its vowel sign is based on context. If the preceding letter is a consonant, the Vowel Sign is chosen. Otherwise, the Vowel is shown.
    • Take the word আমার amar.
      a -> Preceding character does not exist, therefore will be shown.
      m -> Normal Consonant
      a -> Preceding character is Consonant . Therefore will be used.
      r -> Normal Consonant

      a+m+a+r -> আ ম া র

  2. Automatic generation of Juktakkhor
    When a Consonant follows a Consonant, the software automatically combines them into a Compound Consonant.
    • p+r produces প+র=প্র.
  3. Overriding Automatic Juktakkhor
    To prevent automatic juktakkhor, insert an o, the "Inherent Vowel" in Bangla, between the Consonants.
    • p+r would have produced the Compound Consonant প্র.
    • The letter o does not create a character but is used to break an automatic juktakkhor. If you want to write পর, you will want to break the automatic juktakkhor. So you would enter por to get the desired result. This is also the correct phonetic representation of পর.
  4. Virtual Vowel "o" at end of some words
    All Bangla Consonants end with the "awe" sound, as in "kawe" or "ko" for the Bangla consonant . The letter "o" can be thought of as a virtual letter, and can be used at the end of a word to make the phonetic word more aesthetic.
    • to produce কর, you can write "kor" or "koro".
  5. Forced Hosonto
    The special sign Hosonto is sometimes necessary, especially when writing foreign words. To put a Hosonto under a Bangla consonant put in a ` (reverse quote or grave accent) after the letter.
    • Entering in`puT will show as ইন্পুট.

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