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Omniglot - Useful Bengali phrases

Wiktionary - Basic Bengali phrases

School Text Books in Bangla in PDF

National Curriculum & Textbook Board,Bangladesh (2013)

Department of School Education, Govt of West Bengal (2015)

Learn Bangla Online

• Website

This site was developed for the internet user to learn, write and practice Bangla. "Register" once at the site with your emailID and a user set password. You can see what is on the site by clicking on Sitemap of

• Website Epar Bangla Opar Bangla
An online self-teaching course which can also be used by teachers to provide materials. Includes 45 video clips and 104 audio files. Very clear recitation of the nos. from 1-100 included. Script tutor so you can listen to and see the letters being written. Requirements: Mozilla Firefox browser, latest version of Flash, installed Bengali fonts You must first get a license. Get Licence Here

Websites with Intermediate Learner Information


A collection of tools and resources that include a verb conjugation tool, an awesome Chrome extension and some help for reading Anandabazar Patrika by hovering the mouse over any unfamiliar word to see the definition. You can also watch a Bengali detective film while reading the transcription.


A brilliant "assisted reading" program, including extensions to read any website with the benefit of one-click translation (much as BanglaTangla offers). However, ReadLang automatically creates flash-cards, with context, for any words or phrases that you translate, loading them into a spaced-repetition system. This is part of my daily routine. Note that it uses Google Translate, which varies in its usefulness--you do have the opportunity to edit translations in your own word list.

The "Practice Resources" section of this site is a portal to many resources that an intermediate user would find useful to practice Bangla.


Bangla Tangla Dictionary Great dictionary search which can include Bangla-Tangla Dictionary, Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary, Samsad Bangla Abhidhan. The Bangla-Tangla Dictionary is great for giving you the most common meaning, rather than overwhelming you with many different meanings.

Forvo - a pronunciation dictionary A site where users can add words or names from almost any language and wait for a native speaker of that language to add his or her recorded pronunciation of it. The Bengali section has about 1700 pronounced words at the moment, and it continues to grow. So if you have any doubt about how to pronounce a Bengali word, just search for it on Forvo, and if it isn't there yet, add it and wait for help!

Google Translate Should be used with caution as can limit independent language learning - dictionaries are better. Bangla to English tool is useful for checking minor spelling errors (if your word is not recognised, you will often quickly realise you have put চ instead of ছ for instance).

Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary

Probably the best online dictionary. If you are having troubles finding a word, try stripping it down to its core by removing a few letters. See also:

Text Books

•Hanne-Ruth Thompson(2017), Beginner's Bengali, Hippocrene Press. The latest book by Hanne-Ruth Thompson, author of "Bengali--A Comprehensive Grammar" as well as other Bengali language books. It starts with information for total beginners up through a strong basic knowledge, along with plentiful exercises, and encouraging comments and information about study methods.

• M. B. Nasrin & W. A. M. van der Wurff (2008) Colloquial Bengali, Routledge includes text book and audio. Quite good. It is very "real people, real conversations" and also reflects Bangladeshi-style conversation and accent too.

• Radice, William (1994, 2003, 2007) Teach Yourself Bengali, Hodder Education

A complete course with audio in three sections - Part One (Sounds and Script), Part Two (Conversation and Grammar) and Part Three (Readings). It moves rapidly, perhaps too rapidly, from beginner Bengali to Tagore. On the other hand, a plus point is that his translations are excellent, and the literature section is very approachable and enjoyable.

• Seely, Clinton B., 1985, Intermediate Bangla (Bengali)

First PDF digital edition, 2006 available as a free PDF via the University of Chicago. Download PDF of Book

It deals mainly with sadhu bhasha and literary texts, not so much with contemporary Bangla

• Sinha-Roy, Mondira (2009, 2011) The Meditating Cat - Bengali proverbs and their echoes in far cultures, Paragon Publishing

Extensive and neatly organized book that presents the proverbs in Bengali with their literal and interpretive meaning as well as corresponding/similar proverb in English. It also has some photos/illustrations that make for a nice browsing.

• Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (2011) Bengali (Bangla) Hippocrene Practical Dictionary

Concise and portable, this is the most up-to-date and comprehensive two-way Bengali dictionary on the market with more than 13,000 total entries.

• Dimock, Edward; Bhattacharya, Somdev; Chatterjee, Suhas (1964, 2005) Introduction to Bengali. Print copy, also available online at University of Chicago.

Introduction to Bengali on CDs Audio is available from the U. of Chicago Bengali site for PC only. Twenty-four chapters starting with vowel and consonant production and moving on to grammar. Each chapter deals with different grammatical points with many related pattern drills. Slow-moving, somewhat old-fashioned, but thorough.

• Murshid, Dr G. সহজ পতঠ ১ and ২ (Easy Reader, Part 1 and Part 2)

Published by Bangla Books, 48 Dovedale Avenue, Ilford, IG5 0QF

Distributed by Ruposhi Bangla Ltd, Tooting

• M. B. Nasrin & W. A. M. van der Wurff (2008) Colloquial Bengali, Routledge

includes text book and audio. Quite good. It is very "real people, real conversations" and also reflects East Bengali-style conversation and accent too.

• Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (1999), Essential Everyday Bengali

Excellent clear guide to everyday, spoken, colloquial Bengali. Hard to obtain but keeps getting reprinted and still very popular. Dictionary in an 'English' order for the Bangla words which are listed in phonetic English, followed by Bengali, then the meaning.

• Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (2010) Bengali (Bangla) Dictionary & Phrasebook, Hippocrene Books.

Short, pocket-size book. Over half its 211 pages are taken up by the Bengali-English and English-Bengali dictionaries, where words are shown in Bangla script and transliterated English. Phrasebook seems pretty comprehensive for the tourist/traveller without being overwhelming.

Textbooks - Advanced

• Biswas, Sailendra (2000) Samsad Bengali-English dictionary. 3rd ed. Calcutta, Sahitya Samsad. Pocket versions including Bengali-English and English-Bengali also available.

• Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (2012) Bengali (London Oriental and African Language Library)

This volume presents a systematic overview of the language, from the sound system to parts of speech, syntactic categories to reduplicative features and some short text passages. The book is written in transliteration throughout to provide ease and convenience to non-Bengali as well as to Bengali linguists and students. Primarily for linguists but also of use to the more advanced of advanced learners.

• Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (2010) Bengali: A Comprehensive Grammar, Routledge

The Grammar is an essential reference source for the learner and user of Bengali, irrespective of level. It is ideal for use in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types. With clear and simple explanations this book will remain the standard reference work for years to come for both learners and linguists alike.

Learner Led Blogs

Please be aware these are learner generated and should be used to explore issues of relevance to language learners rather than as guides to the language.

A Tangle of Wires

Confused and intricate musings on music, books, films, family and learning Bengali


This includes grammar sheets, vocabulary and is clearly presented though there are some errors. The last Bangla-oriented entry is dated Ocyober 2012.

My Bangla Diary

The journey that is learning Bangla. The author has archived the blog, but the pages are still there.

When Latke met Latki

Intercultural relationship blog with some info on learning Bengali. Last entry was in June 2016.


Anukriti, Project of Central Institute of Indian Languages Mysore
A picture dictionary with 133 pages covering basic vocabulary, parts of the body, items in the home, clothes etc. Some of the words are a bit faint though; it all appears to have been scanned in.


Travel Lang
Emails you a Bengali word every day, Monday to Friday. You can click to hear the correct pronunciation which I think is important. You can also register for more than one language.


Learn to write the letters of the Bengali alphabet in proper stroke order.

Write - Consonants

Write - Vowels

Talking Bees

Talking Bees Useful for starting to pronounce vowels and consonants.


Bengali Audio Books

The South Asian Literary Recordings Project, E-BOOKS / KINDLE / KINDLE for MAC / ETC


Anandabazar Patrika A West Bengali daily newspaper.

Prothom Alo A major daily newspaper from Bangladesh.



Webzine formed to promote Bengali literature and culture on the internet. Also book dealer with extensive stock in both Bengali language books and Bengali literature in translation. Adult and childrens' books. Very helpful with any questions.


Past Papers for A Levels

'A' level past papers. This is a British 18+ examination and stands for 'Advanced level'. Past papers of the four skills are provided by exam board AQA.


Bangladeshi Friend

Account with lots of Bengali recipe videos. Talks fast.


Ichchhamoti A web magazine for children with stories, poems, rhymes, translated stories, fairy tales, folklores as well as informative non-fictional articles in science, sports, history and general knowledge categories.


Cornell University Language Resource Center

Excerpts from poetry & prose read aloud by native speakers. Excellent sound quality.

University of Chicago

Many links to resources are provided.


Alpana Habib

Videos from a Bangladeshi cooking show. The ingredients are presented in Bengali script on the screen before she starts and afterwards there's a quick resumé. Talks slowly and clearly.


The Bangladeshi version of Sesame Street! Fun and pedagogical children's show with puppets, actors, songs and cartoons. Just search for "Sisimpur" in Youtube and you will find lots of uploads.

Unicefbd (Meena)

Unicef Bangladesh has uploaded some of the Meena cartoons which narrate the life of Meena, a young Bangladeshi girl and her family and community. Scroll down to see the ones in Bangla! Some are in English and other languages.


Abak Prithibi (অবাক পৃথিবী)

A travel diary blog with lovely photos.

Udraji Rannaghor (রান্নাঘর - গল্প ও রান্না)

Bangladeshi cooking blog with nice anecdotes (golpo) and lots of recipes (ranna) with plenty of pictures to help you along. Under "দেখে চিনে নিন" in the panel at the top you will find some posts with photos of veggies and other ingredients with their Bengali names.


ABP Ananda

Live TV including cooking shows and serials.

Bangladesh Betar

The national state-owned radio channel of Bangladesh.

BBC Bangla

Radio and written texts suitable for more advanced learners.

Dhaka FM

Music but also live programs with RJs and people phoning in. Good for practicing listening comprehension if you tune in at the right time (check program schedule).

Deutsche Welle

A good static site with video content in addition.

NHK Japan World Bengali

Radio Bangla Net

Website with news.

Bangla Radio Canberra

The voice of Bangladeshis living in Canberra, Australia


Star Jalsha

Bengali entertainment channel with TV shows and serials. Not available in all locations.

YUPPTV - Internet

Pay a monthly subscription for the "Yupp Bengali Silver" package and you get 11 Bengali channels to watch on your computer or TV. Not available in all locations.

Zee Bangla Bengali channel with TV shows and serials. Not available in all locations.


Apur Sansur (1959)

This is Satyajit's great final film of the Apu Trilogy.

Barnali (1963) - (1/11)

A bittersweet little film starring Soumitra Chatterjee as a young well-to-do doctor (with a greedy and egoistic uncle) and Sharmila Tagore as the bright girl of a modest schoolteacher home. A love story with a bit of social commentary on class and values.

Chaowa Pawa (1959) - (1 of 11) Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen in a Bengali remake of the Hollywood classic It Happened One Night. Suchitra plays the spoiled girl of a rich man who wants to marry her off against her will, so she runs away. On a train, she meets the journalist Rajat (Uttam Kumar) who decides to "help" her when he finds out there's a 10 000 rupee reward for whoever finds her. Saved in 11 parts.

Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (1969) (Part 1 of 2)

Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (1969) (Part 2 of 2)

Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne is a wonderful, wonderful movie. But the sound of the Bengali speech is not very clear. Worth watching anyway.

Guerrilla (2011)

Bangladeshi film based on the events of the Bangladesh Liberation War. An adaptation of the novel Nishiddho Loban by Syed Shamsul Huq. Speech clear and easy to follow and this version has English subtitle