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Name: Supriyo (GMail) Sen
Email: [email protected]
Location: Thornhill ON Canada
Registered On: Nov-11 2019, 1 day(s) ago
Last Visit: Nov-12 2019, 1 day(s) ago
Logged In: 54 times
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What Apps you used most frequently
Color Coding
1Assisted 12 items of International News in Bangla38
2GoogVisual Bangla Writer13
3Bornoporichoy:Triple Letter Consonant Conjuncts11
4Part 1-Learn the Bangla Alphabet and Numbers7
5Bangla/English Word Finder5
6Bangla for Visitors5
7Verb Conjugation Wizard4
8Online Samsad Dictionary4
9Phonetic Bangla Writer4

History of Online Activity-Last 100 App Usages

In this report, you can see your recent history - the last Apps you used and the time of use.

DateApp @Time
Tue 2019-Nov-12Bangla for Visitors 13:31  13:30  
Mon 2019-Nov-11bangla/common/header.php 15:50 
About Me 13:36 
GoogVisual Bangla Writer 13:36 
Bangla for Visitors 13:36  13:32  
GoogVisual Bangla Writer 13:32 
Online Samsad Dictionary 13:18  13:14   13:13   11:37  
Sun 2019-Nov-10Bangla/English Word Finder 02:18 
GoogVisual Bangla Writer 02:10 
Mon 2019-Nov-04Assisted 12 items of International News in Bangla 02:30 
Sun 2019-Nov-03About this Site - Site Map 18:09 
Sat 2019-Nov-02Parabaas 01:37 
About Me 00:47 
GoogVisual Bangla Writer 00:28 
Fri 2019-Nov-01Assisted 12 items of International News in Bangla 15:25 
Amar Desh 11:13 
GoogVisual Bangla Writer 11:13 
Thu 2019-Oct-31GoogVisual Bangla Writer 03:10 

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