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What's on Website

This website is designed to teach, and facilitate the use of, the বাংলা Bangla (Bengali) language.

On the site, you will find 3 sections

  1. Learn Bangla Section - a collection of resources for Learning Bangla
  2. Write Bangla Section - Tools for writing Bangla and many tools that a roficient writer needs like access to a dictionary English to Bengali translator and English/Bengali Word Finder
  3. Practice Bangla Section - a Portal for accessing Bangla Text, Audio and Video arranged to be useful to people who want to enjoy the Bangla Language.

This site was developed for the use of people who are fairly proficient in English and are keen on learning Bangla. For this reason, most of the instructional text is in . When is used to teach letters, words and phrases, it is always accompanied by English representation.

This means that you can learn and experience Bangla and navigate through the website, even before you have fully mastered the Bangla script.

Write Bangla Section

Writing in Bangla on a PC or Mac used to require a user to memorize a keyboard layout for Bangla letters. The English keyboard that comes with most computers and smart devices, does not contain any Bangla characters. So to type Bangla with an English Keyboard, you have to memorize a keyboard layout where you may have to click on multiple keys simultaneously. The keyboard layouts are sometimes called Input Method Editors or IMEs. IMEs are different in different platforms and they have to be installed on each computer that the user uses. So if you have a PC desktop, a Mac laptop and an iPad, you will have to learn a different IME for each platform. In addition, since the IME has to be installed, you will not be able to use this method to write Bangla on, say, a library computer.

I believe that it is time to use Phonetic English to create Bangla text on computers. With Phonetic English and a set of Bangla Unicode fonts, even a casual user can easily write Bangla characters. All modern platforms let you write in Unicode. Text created in Unicode will be easily readable on all computers from powerful desktops to small smartphones.

If you have an English/European keyboard and do not want to memorize multi-finger keyboarding, this site presents two different ways of writing Bangla quickly:

  • GoogVisual Bangla Writer
    If you know Bangla, can recognize proper Bangla Spelling, and want to maintain the flexibility of occasionally forming Bangla Compound consonants by yourself, the fastest input method is Googvisual.
  • Phonetic Bangla Writer
    For the new learner, who wants to maintain the Phonetic English text and the generated Bangla, and would like to see spellcheck prediction, use this writing tool.
  • Tools for Writers
    Writing in Bangla also requires access to tools to Spellcheck, Word Lookup in English and Bangla, an Online Dictionary (Samsad Bengali-English) and a Translator for Simple Sentences. They are gathered here, and can also be invoked from the Googvisual Editor layout.
    • Anubadok English to Bangla Translator
      Anubadok, an experimental machine English to Bangla translator, developed by Golam Mortuzza Hossain. I consider this more accurate than Google Translate. The webpage was designed to provide a complete translation workflow, to allow the user to tune the machine translation
    • Bangla/English Word Finder
      Quickly look for the exactly right word against a 20,000+ word English-Bangla glossary
    • Google Search for Bangla Expression Usage
      Search Google for multi-word Bangla phrases. For example, nachote na janole => নাচতে না জানলে will reveal the Bangla Proverb নাচতে না জানলে উঠান বাঁকা। which translates to A bad workman quarrels with his tools.
    • Online Samsad Dictionary
      Check the Samsad Bangla-English Dictionary for English or Bangla words
    • Bulk Transliterate Documents EN2BN BN2EN
      Convert complete documents from Bangla to Phonetic English and vice-versa
  • Wizards
    • Verb Conjugation Wizard
      As you learn about Verbs and conjugated Verb forms, you may be overwhelmed by how many new words you have to memorize. Verbs in Bangla change forms (are conjugated) based on Person (First, Second and Third) and Tense (Past, Present and Future). There are rules that govern the conjugation. This "Wizard" is designed to show you the patterns and examples of the conjugation rules. You can select any of about 100 common verbs and see a compact table showing you all 24 conjugations of each verb. An example of a complete sentence is shown for each conjugated form.
    • Sentence Construction Wizard
      Once you have a good understanding of Verbs and their conjugations, you will want to create complete grammatical sentences. In the Learn Bangla section, we have covered the rules for using various Parts of Speech like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Determiners. The Sentence Construction "Wizard" leads you step by step through constructing grammatically correct Bangla Sentences. This may be an unique functionality as I have not come across anything similar in books or websites.
    • Pronunciation Wizard
      Bangla words can be broken down into syllables. When we pronounce a word, we are speaking out the syllables in order. In standard Bangla, the primary stress falls on the initial syllable of the word, while secondary stress often falls on all odd-numbered syllables. If the syllables and pronunciation rules are applied and text shows the syllables, you will find it much easier to determine which syllables require stress when pronouncing words.
  • Searching for Bangla Text

Practice Bangla Section

After you have learnt the Bangla Alphabet, acquired a small vocabulary and learnt how to construct and speak conversational Bangla, many Internet Learners of Bangla find that they lack access to resources to practice what they learn and continue to grow their Bangla skills.

In this section we want to get you the experience of an immersive environment by setting up access to curated multimedia content. Now you can Read Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Blogs; Hear performances of Songs, Recitations, Audiobooks and See Cartoon Clips, Videos Clips and Youtube.

As you learn Bangla, especially if you are not in an immersive environment, you need access to curated multimedia content to enhance your learning. This section of the website offers you a variety of content that can be easily accessed online.


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