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This website is designed to teach, and facilitate the use of, the বাংলা Bangla (Bengali) language.

On the site, you will find 4 sections that can be accessed by clicking on the buttons on the Navigation bar.

Home - Go back to the Home Page, About pages and documentation on website registration and Login.
Learn - a collection of resources for Learning Bangla
Write - Tools for writing Bangla and many tools that a proficient writer needs, like access to a Bengali to English dictionary, English to Bengali translator and English/Bengali Word Finder
Practice - a Portal for accessing Bangla Text, Audio and Video arranged to be useful to people who want to enjoy the Bangla Language.
This site was developed for the use of people who are fairly proficient in English and are keen on learning Bangla. For this reason, most of the instructional text is in English. When বাংলা [bangla] is used to teach letters, words and phrases, it is always accompanied by the English Phonetic representation.

This means that you can learn and experience Bangla and navigate through the website, even before you have fully mastered the Bangla script.

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