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What's on Website

This website is intended to teach, and facilitate the use of, the বাংলা Bangla (Bengali) language
  1. On any "computer" with an internet browser like a Desktop or Laptop (PC, Mac, Linux), Tablets or Smartphones (iOS or Android)
  2. At anytime, From anywhere
    with an Internet Connection or WIFI access
  3. With NO software/fonts to install and maintain on your computer

Stages of Learning Bangla

The site now covers different phases of a journey in learning Bangla.
1. Mild Interest
May be a visitor to "Bengal" or being a friend of a Bengali. You may not want to invest a lot of time and effort, but you want to pick up some conversational snippets to gain some confidence with the sounds of the language. We now have the words and phrases taught by the US Army for troops deployed in Bengali speaking areas or with Bengali speaking soldiers. We also have a more practical phrasebook that was given to US Peace Corp volunteers. I am building a third phrasebook with situational phrases. All of these lists come with audio so that you can hear and rehear the Bangla, preparing you for the immersive environment.
2. Interest in the Script
This is important even for reading shop and street signs in a Bengali speaking area. To learn the Bangla script, the letters and words need to be presented so that the learner can hear and learn at the same time. I have provided phonetic English representation for all the Bangla on the site. So the learning continues even as you tackle the more complex constructions like Compound Consonants.
3. Learning the Grammar and Making Grammatically Correct Sentences
At this stage, people usually enrolled in classrom courses that were available at least in London and Chicago, conducted by teachers who were proficient in the language and were often textbook authors. No with the advent of internet learning, many of these courses for Bangla are being dropped.

This site was developed to cater to the new generation od Bangla learners. The new learners want to learn quickly, learn actively and not by memorization, and expect the teaching method will be enhanced by their computer proficiency. This is why this site even exists

Grammar is taught using simple English grammar as the base. Grammar determines how to reply words in a sentence. For example, the concept of Subject, Object and Verb are still valid, but their order varies between English and Bangla. The Parts of Speech like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives are the same in both languages, although Conjugation or Different Verb forms are often confusing for learners. This is where technology can be applied and the assistance of the software results in the Verb Conjugation Wizard and the Sentence Construction wizard.
4. Fast generation of Bangla Text for native speakers and advanced students
Considerable effort is spent creating Bangla text using the universal English ("Latin") keyboard. Most people learn a way ( using a software key mapping ) to type Bangla text. These Input Method Editors (IMEs) are different across computers, so your carefully learned Mac scheme will not be usable when you use the PC in the local Public Library. There are two methods, both phonetic, available on the site to universally create Bangla text. I am aware that many people hate phonetic methods, but I see Bengali youngsters merrily writing Twitter messages, Facebook posts and emails using phonetic representations of Bangla in English.

Also. any serious writer will want immediate access to dictionaries, translators etc, without leaving their writing. These have how been integrated. There are now 3 Bangla authors who are using the Writing capability to write and publish Bangla books, articles, Facebook posts and Emails.

5. Finally, how do you keep your hard-earned knowledge active and growing
If you went to live in Bangladesh or West Bengal, your knowledge of Bangla would surely grow through the process of immersion. But most people have lives to lead and have to find some other way. I have tried to create a portal of Bangla links so that you can create an immersive environment all around you. You can read a Bangla newspaper every day. Unfortunately, most people think that newspapers use very difficult (but precise) words. After a few days of understanding 40% of the words in every sentence, most people give up. The "Assisted Bangla" for reading the news will provide greater comprehension and help to improve your vocabulary. This concept of pre-processing Bangla text to make Bangla more accessible, has been applied to a few articles from Ichchhamoti, a webzine for children (an presumably new learners), some Tagore poems,and a few compositions by Satyajit Ray's grandfather.

Links are provided to Complete Works of Tagore and other famous Bengali authors, Videos, Newspapers, Magazines, Foodie Blogs, Song Lyrics and textbooks used in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Learn Bangla Section

This section of this website contains instructional material to help a new student to learn Conversational Bangla. The teaching method in this site emulates how a child would learn their "Mother Tongue". A grammar framework is established early. Then vocabulary words are introduced within this framework. This approach is different from the popular Bangla textbooks/web resources used by students trying to learn Bangla. By developing rules based on patterns, and using the computer to assist in some repetitive parts, students who know English can quickly pick up enough Bangla to be able to participate in Bangla conversations.

Learning Online

If you are just getting started, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. The usual process of learning a language includes classroom time and being surrounded by native speakers.

For those who try to learn, say Bangla, over the Internet on a computer/tablet/smartphone have these factors in common:

  1. They have to be disciplined and self-motivated because there are no scheduled classes
  2. When they learn something, they cannot instantly verify comprehension because they may not have a dedicated teacher to communicate with. All learning must be self-verifiable.
  3. Study of Bangla takes 4 to 5 years in school. Online users expect to see results in weeks and months. The urgency means that the course material needs to include methods to leverage the student's understanding of other languages and the use of the computer's ability to assist the learner.
  4. Traditional books used to teach Bangla to Bengali children like BornoPorichoy (Introducing the Alphabet) by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (1780) were written in Bangla and therefore needed to be taught by a Parent or Bangla Teacher if the student was not yet proficient in Bangla. The teaching materials for today's online student must be rethought so that students can teach themselves without knowing the Bangla alphabet. In this website, every Bangla word is accompanied by its phonetic English representation.

Posts - Background Articles

Some background materials are presented as Posts. Some of these may later be incorporated as part of the educational material.

Learning the Alphabet

Words, Pronunciation and Spelling

Grammar and Sentence Construction

Other Items

Site Usage

Learning e-Books

Two e-books have been created for teaching the Bangla Language.
  • Learn the Bangla Alphabet — the Bangla alphabet and their phonetic English representation using সুবর্ণ suborNo Bangla Phonetic method
  • Introduction to Conversational Bangla — a grammar based approach to conversational Bangla for casual non-native learners who have a knowledge of English. 400+ word vocabulary and 12 rules of grammatical sentence construction
Bengali native speakers will recognize the next two e-books, as they are used to teach Bangla to Bengali children. To make it useful to learners, these books are annotated in English and phonetic transliteration in English is provided

Quizzes to Help Retention and Validate Learning

Repetition and recall aid understanding of the new concepts and words you learn.

A Complete Course for Learning Conversational Bangla

The Learning Bangla section of this website contains instructional material to help a new student to learn Conversational Bangla.

The teaching method in this site emulates how a child would learn their "Mother Tongue". A grammar framework is established early. Then vocabulary words are introduced within this framework. This approach is different from the popular Bangla textbooks/web resources used by students trying to learn Bangla. By developing rules based on patterns, and using the computer to assist in some repetitive parts, students who know English can quickly pick up enough Bangla to be able to participate in Bangla conversation.

With intense study, and spending about 20 hours a week, I believe the curriculum can be covered in 14 weeks, at end of which the student will have a basic vocabulary and will be capable of make grammatically correct sentences to carry on a conversation. Without a teacher who can enforce discipline, it will take longer. The course has embedded quizzes in each chapter to test comprehension and learning. I have also put in videos that will help in proper pronunciation, something that is a problem with many "computer courses".

  • Guided Course Curriculum — Guided Course including 'Learning the Bangla Alphabet' and 'Introduction to Conversational Bangla'

Wordlists and Phrasebooks

Write Bangla Section

Writing in Bangla on a PC or Mac used to require a user to memorize a keyboard layout for Bangla letters. The English keyboard that comes with most computers and smart devices, does not contain any Bangla characters. So to type Bangla with an English Keyboard, you have to memorize a keyboard layout where you may have to click on multiple keys simultaneously. The keyboard layouts are sometimes called Input Method Editors or IMEs. IMEs are different in different platforms and they have to be installed on each computer that the user uses. So if you have a PC desktop, a Mac laptop and an iPad, you will have to learn a different IME for each platform. In addition, since the IME has to be installed, you will not be able to use this method to write Bangla on, say, a library computer.

I believe that it is time to use Phonetic English to create Bangla text on computers. With Phonetic English and a set of Bangla Unicode fonts, even a casual user can easily write Bangla characters. All modern platforms let you write in Unicode. Text created in Unicode will be easily readable on all computers from powerful desktops to small smartphones.

If you have an English/European keyboard and do not want to memorize multi-finger keyboarding, this site presents two different ways of writing Bangla quickly:

  • If you know Bangla, can recognize proper Bangla Spelling, and want to maintain the flexibility of occasionally forming Bangla Compound consonants, the fastest input method is Google Phonetic & Visual Keyboard
  • For the new learner, who wants to maintain the Phonetic English and the generated Bangla, and would like to see spellcheck prediction, there is the app called Phonetic Bangla Writing.

Writing in Bangla also requires access to tools to Spellcheck, Word Lookup in English and Bangla, an Online Dictionary (Samsad Bengali-English) and a Translator for Simple Sentences.

Writing Aids - Dictionary and Word Glossary

Correct spelling and accurate word meanings are essential as you start expanding your knowledge of Bangla. These tools are the stand-alone versions of what you will find in the Write Phonetic Bangla section

Translation - English to Bangla

The Anubadok Bangla Translator is usually more accurate than Google Translate. The webpage was designed to provide a complete translation workflow, to allow the user to tune the machine translation for their own use. Google Translate was offered here as an option, but Google's current version cannot be run from an independent site, and has been removed
  • Anubadok Bangla Translator — Anubadok, an experimental machine English to Bangla translator, developed by Golam Mortuzza Hossain

Software Wizards - Extending the Role of a Teacher

Verb Conjugation Wizard

As you learn about Verbs and conjugated Verb forms, you may be overwhelmed by how many new words you have to memorize. Verbs in Bangla change forms (are conjugated) based on Person (First, Second and Third) and Tense (Past, Present and Future). There are rules that govern the conjugation. This "Wizard" is designed to show you the patterns and examples of the conjugation rules. You can select any of about 100 common verbs and see a compact table showing you all 24 conjugations of each verb. An example of a complete sentence is shown for each conjugated form.
  • The Verb Conjugation Wizard Verb Conjugation Wizard currently conjugates 100+ Bangla Verbs. It may be the only such wizard available online.

Sentence Construction Wizard

Once you have a good understanding of Verbs and their conjugations, you will want to create complete grammatical sentences. In the Learn Bangla section, we have covered the rules for using various Parts of Speech like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Determiners. The Sentence Construction "Wizard" leads you step by step through constructing grammatically correct Bangla Sentences. This may be an unique functionality as I have not come across anything similar in books or websites.

Pronunciation Wizard

Bangla words can be broken down into syllables. When we pronounce a word, we are speaking out the syllables in order. In standard Bangla, the primary stress falls on the initial syllable of the word, while secondary stress often falls on all odd-numbered syllables. If the syllables and pronunciation rules are applied and text shows the syllables, you will find it much easier to determine which syllables require stress when pronouncing words.

Practice Bangla Section

After you have learnt the Bangla Alphabet, acquired a small vocabulary and learnt how to construct and speak conversational Bangla, many Internet Learners of Bangla find that they lack access to resources to practice what they learn and continue to grow their Bangla skills.

In this section we want to get you the experience of an immersive environment by setting up access to curated multimedia content. Now you can Read Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Blogs; Hear performances of Songs, Recitations, Audiobooks and See Cartoon Clips, Videos Clips and Youtube. As you learn Bangla, especially if you are not in an immersive environment, you need access to curated multimedia content to enhance your learning. The Bangla Practice Resources section of the website offers you a variety of content that can be easily obtained online.

Bangla Reading Assisted by Mouseover English

When you start reading blocks of Bangla Text, it is hard enough to recognize all the letters, vowel diacritics and conjunct consonants. To aid you in reading and comprehension, we have set up the capability to process Bangla Text so that when you move the mouse over a Bangla letter you will see its English Meaning and Phonetic representation (for pronunciation). A Public dictionary is also provided for users to add their own researched word meanings into the Public Dictionary. This is like a wiki-dictionary, with user update capability.

My Favourites

  • My Favourites
    • The Golden Boat সোনার তরী
    • Where the Mind is Without Fear চিত্ত যেথা ভয় শূন্য
    • If They Answer Not To Thy Call যদি তোর ডাক শুনে কেউ না আসে
    • Krishnokoli কৃষ্ণকলি
    • Oh My Bangla! আ-মরি বাংলা ভাষা
    • I Sing in Bangla আমি বাংলায় গান গাই
    • The Captive Hero বন্দী বীর
    • Indian National Anthem জন গন মন
    • Bangladeshi National Anthem আমার সোনার বাংলা
    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ঝিক্ মিক্ ঝিক্ মিক্ ক্ষুদ্র তারা
    • To Be a Hindu is Great Fun হিন্দু হওয়া বড়ই মজা
    • Lullaby - There was once a Billy Goat এক যে ছিল রামচাগল
    • Lullaby - Godai who lives near the Ganges গঙ্গাপারের গদাইবাবু

Great Literature in Bangla


    Bangla Videos
  • International Stories for Children with Bangla Subtitles
    The Turtle's Flute, Santa's Christmas, The Little Pianist
  • Thakuromar Jhuli (Grandma's Knapsack)
    Two Crows, The Ugly Tree, The Two Beggars, The Greedy Dog, Lion and Mouse, Fox and The Crow, The Clever Crow, Fox and Grapes, Lion and Cows, The Crow Who Pretended, Hare and Tortoise, Two Silly Goats, The Clever Cap Seller, Clever Donkey, Monkey's Justice
  • Fairy Tales in Bengali
    Little Mermaid, The Frog Prince, Hansel & Gretel, The Beauty & The Beast, Snow white & Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty
  • The Panchatantra
    Tortoise and Geese, The Wise Old Bird, The Stork and the Crab, The Boat, Monkey and Crocodile, The Blue Jackal, The Horse and the Donkey, The Clever Bull, The King and The Noble Deer, Crow and Snake, The Four Friends, Grateful Ant, The Mouse Maid, The Magic Stick, The Lion Makers, Wise Little Rabbit, The Loyal Mongoose, Three Fish, Talking Cave, Union Is Strength
  • Birbal in Emperor Akbar's Court
    A True Merchant, Akbar, Birbal And Mangos, Counting The Blind People, Unlucky Person, Birbal And Singer, Birthday Party, A Floating Palace, Honesty Is The Best Policy, Test For Wisdom, Half Light, Half Shadow, A Furious Horse, Birbal's Khichuri (The Palace Light), A Magic Stick, Bird Census, All Happens For Good, Treat For Fools, Mother Tongue, Tamarind Tree As A Witness, A Small Line
  • Moral Stories in Bengali
    Crow and Snake (2), Mighty Elephant, Foolish Donkey, Hare and Tortoise, Clever Jackal, Lion and Jackal, Monkey's Sacrifice
  • Jungle Stories in Bengali. Includes:
    The Foolish Crane, A Proud Bee, The Brahmin and the Goat, The Foolish Brahmin, The Dog and The Donkey, The Tiger and the Traveller, The Foolish Fox
  • Tenali Raman Stories in Bengali
    Jar with Seeds, Hungry Horse, Horse Free with Cat, Ramans Clever Son, Raman and Magician, Precious Ring, Thief Behind the Bush, Nothing for Nothing, Sharing the Reward, Delhi Yatra, Never Lie, Cat Fears Milk, Krishna Tests Ramkrishna, Raman Steals Brinjal, Born to be Free, King Punishes Tenali, A Lesson with Interest, Free Labour, Art Sense Common Sense, Raman Enters Court
  • Faily Tales in Bangla. Includes:
    সিনডরেলা। - Cinderella, লায়ন এবং মাউস গল্প - Lion and the mouse, লিটল রেড রাইডিং হুড - Little Red Riding Hood, লিটল মারমেড - Little Mermaid, ব্যাঙ রাজকুমার - Frog Prince, রাজকন্যা - স্লিপিং সৌন্দর্য - Sleeping Beauty, অরুপ হংসশাবক - The Ugly Duckling, শহরে মাউস এবং দেশ মাউস - Town Mouse and Country Mouse, জিনজার ব্রেড মানুষ - Gingerbread Man, হ্যানসেল ও গ্রেটেল - Hansel and Gretel, থাম্বেলিনা - Thumbelina, হেইডি - Heidi, নেকড়ে আর সাতটি বাচ্চা - Wolf and Seven Goats, রূপান্জেল - Rapunzel, জ্যাক ও সিম - Jack and the Beanstalk, সৌন্দর্য এবং জন্তু - Beauty and the beast, স্নো হোয়াইট ও সাত বামুন - Snow White, তিনটি ছোট শূকরছানা - Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, পিটার প্যান - Peter Pan, আলিবাবা ও চল্লিশ চোর - Alibaba";
    Tagore Songs and Movies
  • Video Clips for 11 Tagore Songs and Poems
  • Bangla Movies (2) with English Subtitles on YouTube
    • Titli
    • Punascha
  • Glimpses of Tagore Video Clips from Youtube
    • Rabindranath Tagore Documentary by Satyajit Ray
    • Timeless Gitanjali
    • The Story of Gitanjali: Song Offerings
    • Tagore Tunes in Hindi Films

Books, Newspapers, Magazines and Blogs

  • Hear at
    • Bangla Recitation, Sunday Suspense, Mobile Audiobooks at
  • Read Newspapers
    • Ananda Bazar Patrika, Bortoman, Songbad Protidin
    • Prothom Alo, Ittefaq, Amar Desh
  • Read Magazines
    • Parabaas, Maadhukari, Abasar, Ichchhamoti Children's Mag, Joydhak
    • Kather Nouko, Ishaner Punjomegh, Mukhomukhi, Journey90s, Guruchandali
    • Sristi, Maaskabari, Sachalayatan
  • Some Bangla and Cooking Blogs
    • Spice and Curry, Bong Mom's Cookbook, Kichu Khon
    • Appyayan, Cook a Doodle Do, Cooking in Calcutta
    • The Bengali Gourmet, Cook Like a Bong
    • Devotee & Chronicler of South Asian Food
    • My Bangla Diary (archival), A Tangle of Wires
    • Animikh Rabindranath

Songs and Lyrics

Bangla Text Books in PDF
Upto Grade 4-WB and BD

Grade LevelBangladeshWest Bengal
  1. Bihan
  2. Kutum Katam
Class 1
  1. Bangla Boi 1
  1. Amar Boi Class I
  2. Sohoj Path I
Class 2
  1. Bangla Boi 2
  1. Amar Boi Class II
  2. Sohoj Path II
Class 3
  1. Bangla Boi 3
  1. Amader Paribesh Class III
  2. Amar Ganit Class III
  3. Patabahar Class III
Class 4
  1. Bangla Boi 4
  1. Amader Paribesh Class IV
  2. Bhasapath Class IV
  3. Ganit Prabha Class IV
  4. Patabahar Class IV

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