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Intro to Common Bangla Words & Phrases

  1. Bangla for Visitors
  2. More Bangla for Visitors
  3. Quick Sentence Maker
  4. Survival Guide-Emergency Words & Phrases US DoD
  5. Phrase Book-Phrases from US Peace Corps
  6. Names of Relatives in Bangla (West Bengal)
  7. Minimum Vocabulary Words for this Site

Guided Course

  1. Complete Guided Course-Alphabet & Conversational
  2. Part 1-Learn the Bangla Alphabet and Numbers
  3. Part 2 - Introduction to Conversational Bangla

Videoclips From Guided Course

  1. From Guided Course

Videoclips From Youtube

  1. Kids' Song - Vowels
  2. Kids' Song - Consonants
  3. Kids' Song - Alphabet
  4. Handwriting - Vowels
  5. Handwriting - Consonants

Traditional Bangla Course Material

  1. BornoPorichoy by Vidyasagar
  2. sohoj paTh by Rabindranath Tagore


  1. For Bangla Alphabets
  2. For Introduction to Conversational Bangla

Posts on Selected Topics

Supplementary learning material with more details for the instructional e-books