Learning Words & Phrases Through Phrase-Books
  1. Bangla for Visitors - Words and Phrases
  2. Quick Sentence Maker
  3. Survival Guide-Emergency Words & Phrases US DoD
  4. Phrase Book-Phrases from US Peace Corps
  5. Names of Relatives in Bangla (West Bengal)
  6. Minimum Vocabulary Words for this Site
Guided Course
  1. Complete Guided Course-Alphabet & Conversational Bangla
  2. Guided Course in Two Parts
  3. Videoclips from Guided Course
Traditional Bangla Course Material
  1. BornoPorichoy by Vidyasagar
  2. sohoj paTh by Rabindranath Tagore
Videoclips From Youtube
  1. Kids' Song - Vowels
  2. Kids' Song - Consonants
  3. Kids' Song - Alphabet
  4. Handwriting - Vowels
  5. Handwriting - Consonants
  1. For Bangla Alphabets
  2. For Introduction to Conversational Bangla
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Bangla Alphabet
  1. Pronunciation of Bangla Alphabet
  2. Pronunciation Obstacles for non-Bengali Speakers
  3. সুবর্ণ suborNo Two-way Phonetic Transliteration
  4. Bangla and Devanagari Alphabet Comparison
  5. Learning Bangla Numbers and the Numbering System
Words, Pronunciation and Spelling
  1. What is the Minimum Vocabulary for Conversational Bangla
  2. Bangla Alphabet, Syllables and Word Parsing for Pronunciation
  3. Exceptions to Phonetic Pronunciation - Inherent vowel and some compound consonants
  4. Looking for words you can pronounce but cannot find
  5. So how IS your Bangla Spelling?
  6. Suffixes - Derived Words from Nouns & Pronouns
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Grammar and Sentence Construction
  1. Bangla Rules! 10 Rules to Perfect Conversational Sentences
  2. Verbs, Conjugations and the Wizard
  3. Verb Conjugation Patterns
  4. Verb Negation - Conjugated Patterns
  5. Changes in Pronouns and Verbs for Respectful and Familiar forms of address
  6. Two-for-One - Compound Verbs in Bangla
Site Usage
  1. Readassist-Reading and Comprehending Unfamiliar Bangla Text
  2. Using Readassist to spellcheck and comprehend Bangla Text
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