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Bangla Writers

  1. GoogVisual Bangla Writer
  2. Phonetic Bangla Writer

Tools for Writers

  1. Spell Check/Verify
  2. Look for Bangla Synonyms
  3. Anubadok English to Bangla Translator
  4. Bangla/English Word Finder
  5. Google Search for Bangla Expression Usage
  6. Research Bangla Word meaning from multiple sources

Tools for Writers-continued

  1. Online Samsad Dictionary
  2. Bulk Transliterate Documents EN2BN BN2EN


  1. Verb Conjugation Wizard
  2. Sentence Construction Wizard
  3. Pronunciation Wizard

Searching in Tagore Works

  1. Search Complete Works of Tagore
  2. Search for 2,300 Tagore Song