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Language Survival Guide - Department of Defence USA

This language guide is intended to provide survival-level language skills needed for basic communication only to members of any contingency force deployed to an area where the target language is spoken. It contains words and phrases that have been found to be most useful for contingency operations.

for Survival Guide

Survival Level Bangla Words and Phrases

1: Commands & Instructions
2: Helpful Words & Phrases
3: Greetings & Introductions
4: Interrogation
5: Numbers
6: Days of the Week / Time
7: Directions
8: Locations

9: Descriptions
10: Emergency Terms
11: Food & Sanitation
12: Fuel & Maintenance
13: Medical / General
14: Medical / Body Parts
15: Military Ranks
16: Lodging

17: Occupations
18: Customs (Port of Entry)
19: Relatives
20: Weather
21: General Military
22: Mine Warfare

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