Bengali or Bangla (বাংলা) is an Indo-Aryan language of the eastern Indian subcontinent which evolved from the Magadhi Prakrit and Sanskrit languages circa 1000 AD. Bangla is native to the Indian state of West Bengal and the country, Bangladesh. People who speak this language are called বাঙালি (baNgali). There are nearly 230 million speakers of Bangla, according to a 2007 census, making it the sixth most used language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic and Hindi).

This eBook is written to teach the Bangla Alphabet to:

  1. Children of Bengali parents who want to communicate with elderly relatives, 
  2. Spouses and friends of Bengali speakers who want to participate in conversations, 
  3. English speakers who want to learn some Bangla but are unable to invest significant effort in doing so.

The Phonetic English used in this book is the same as the scheme used in the companion website for writing Bangla (Phonetic Bangla Writing). All Bangla content for this book was generated using this Phonetic Editor.

This eBook contains words in Bangla, their Phonetic representation and words in English. The color coding scheme used is as follows:

Source English Word Bangla Word Phonetic English Part of Speech
Color Code Example I আমি ami Pronoun