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The Bangla Alphabet - Consonants

The Bangla alphabet has 39 consonants (called "byanjonborno") (eg or "s"). They are usually shown in the order below.

The pronunciation of the consonants is different than English. Most letters have a non-aspirated and an aspirated form. The non-aspirated and aspirated letters are:

Non-native speakers will need some practice to attain proficiency in pronouncing these letters.

There are a number of sounds that are similar, but for historical reasons, have separate letters assigned to then.

When two consonant sounds, like /"n" and /"t" are used together, the compound letter looks like ন্ত and is called a "juktakkhor" or compound letters. This will be discussed in a later section.


k Letter kaw 
kh Letter khaw 
g Letter gaw 
gh Letter ghaw 
Ng Letter unga 
ch Letter chaw 
chh Letter chhaw 
j Letter jaw 
jh Letter jhaw 
NG Letter ingya 
T Letter Taw 
Th Letter Thaw 
D Letter Daw 
Dh Letter Dhaw 
N Letter Moddhonno Naw 
t Letter taw 
th Letter thaw 
d Letter daw 
dh Letter dhaw 
n Letter Dontey naw 
p Letter paw 
ph Letter phaw 
b Letter baw 
bh Letter bhaw 
m Letter maw 
J Letter Jaw 
r Letter raw 
l Letter law 
sh Letter Taliba shaw 
Sh Letter Moddhono shaw 
s Letter Dontey shaw 
h Letter haw 
Y Letter Ontesto yaw 
R Letter Doye Sunnyo raw 
Rh Letter Dhoye Sunnyo raw 
তঁ t+n^ Sign Chandrabindu (combined with taw) 
তং t+ng Sign Anuswar (combined with taw) 
তঃ t+H^ Sign Visarga (combined with taw) 
t+t^ Letter Khanda taw 
ত্ t+` Sign Hasanta (combined with taw)