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The Bangla Alphabet - Numbers

There are 10 numeric digits in Bangla, representing the digits 1 to 9 and 0 (zero).

A number is sometimes associated with a noun to signify "how many". In Bangla, nouns cannot be counted by adding the numeral directly to the noun. The noun's measure word (MW) must be used between the numeral and the noun. Most nouns will take a generic MW like -টা -ţa, although specific MWs like -জন -jon for humans, are often used. For example,


শূন্য ০shUnYo 0zero 0 
এক ১ek 1one 1 
দুই ২dui 2two 2 
তিন ৩tin 3three 3 
চার ৪char 4four 4 
পাঁচ ৫pan^ch 5five 5 
ছয় ৬chhoy 6six 6 
সাত ৭sat 7seven 7 
আট ৮aT 8eight 8 
নয় ৯noy 9nine 9 
দশ ১০dosh 10ten 10