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The Bangla Alphabet - Vowels and Vowel-Kars

The Bangla alphabet has 11 vowels (called "swaroborno") (eg or "u").

A vowel sound is sometimes used to modify a consonant. For example, the sound may be modified by , to sound like "su". In this cases, a modified "u" letter is used to form সু. Modified vowels are called "-kars".

Two vowel sounds have short and long forms. For example, the normal i sound is called the short I (hroswo-I) and the letter is the long I (dIrgho-I). Similarly, the letters উ & ঊ represent the short and long u sound.


Bangla=Vowel, Vowel Sign, Vowel Sign with Letter ত

অ , - , - o Letter awe 
আ , া , তা a Letter aa 
ই , ি , তি i Letter hroswo-i 
ঈ , ী , তী I Letter dIrgho-i 
উ ,  ু , তু u Letter hroswo-u) 
ঊ ,  ূ , তূ U Letter dIrgho-u) 
ঋ ,  ৃ , তৃ rri Letter Vocalic rri 
এ , ে , তে e Letter aye 
ঐ , ৈ , তৈ OI Letter oi 
ও , ো , তো O Letter o 
ঔ , ৌ , তৌ OU Letter ou