Yes, No and Verb Negation(Not)

The words Yes and No are used to answer a question.

Yes and No

 Yes  হ্যাঁ 
 No  না 

For example:

Using Yes and No

 Do you want to eat rice? No.  তুমি ভাত খাবে? না।
  tumi bhat khabe? na. 
 Do you want to go home? Yes.  তুমি বাড়ি যাবে? হ্যাঁ।
  tumi baRi Jabe? hJan^. 

Verb Negation

Negation or "Not" usually applies to a Verb. For example, "I want to eat" is আমি খাব. "I don't want to eat" is আমি খাব না.

Literally "Verb Not" is implemented by adding a না to the Verb. The exceptions to this rule are for Past and Present Perfect Tense. The complete list can be seen in Verb Conjugation Wizard.

Verb Negation

 I do not want to eat rice.  আমি ভাত খাব না।
  ami bhat khabo na. 
 I do not want to go home.  আমি বাড়ি যাব না।
  ami baRi Jabo na. 

The following rule is applied to the Verb to negate it: