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Quizzes for Learn the Bangla Alphabets and Numbers

Table of Contents

Click on the Chapter
  1. Bangla Vowels
  2. Vowel Diacritics
  3. Bangla Consonants - 1
  4. Bangla Consonants - 2
  5. Bangla Consonants - 3
  6. Compound Consonants

Bangla Consonants-1

Gutturals – in the throat – ক খ গ ঘ ঙ (k kh g gh Ng)
Palatals – on the palate - চ ছ জ ঝ ঞ (ch chh j jh NG)
Cerebrals – with the tongue bent back on the roof of the mouth - ট ঠ ড ঢ ণ (T Th D Dh N)

Drag and drop the Consonant over the box containing the Description

Consonant Description Sound and Correct Answer
  • kaw {skin}
  • khaw {khaki}
  • gaw {go}
  • ghaw {ghetto}
  • ungaw {king}
  • chaw {cheat}
  • chhaw {watch}
  • borgiyo-jaw {jingle}
  • jhaw {jhansi}
  • ingaw {gnome}
  • Taw {token}
  • Thaw {whittle}
  • Daw {dive}
  • Dhaw {adhere}
  • moddheno-Naw {noise}
  • ক kaw (k)
  • খ khaw (kh)
  • গ gaw (g)
  • ঘ ghaw (gh)
  • ঙ ungaw (Ng)
  • চ chaw (ch)
  • ছ chhaw (chh)
  • জ borgiyo-jaw (j)
  • ঝ jhaw (jh)
  • ঞ ingaw (NG)
  • ট Taw (T)
  • ঠ Thaw (Th)
  • ড Daw (D)
  • ঢ Dhaw (Dh)
  • ণ moddheno-Naw (N)

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