Bangla Consonants-2

Dentals – with the tongue on the teeth - ত থ দ ধ ন (t th d dh n)
Labials – on the lips - প ফ ব ভ ম (p ph,f b,w bh,v m)

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Consonant Description Sound and Correct Answer
  • taw(soft) {Wyeth}
  • thaw(hard) {think}
  • daw {Dostoevsky}
  • dhaw {sadhu}
  • donte-naw {no}
  • paw {pauper}
  • phaw {cipher}
  • baw {boy}
  • bhaw {abhorrent}
  • maw {mother}
  • ত taw(soft) (t)
  • থ thaw(hard) (th)
  • দ daw (d)
  • ধ dhaw (dh)
  • ন donte-naw (n)
  • প paw (p)
  • ফ phaw (ph,f)
  • ব baw (b)
  • ভ bhaw (bh)
  • ম maw (m)