Determiners - Specific Instances of Nouns

The Noun "dog"=কুকুর kukur, with the Determiner is shown in this quiz.
Drag and drop the English word in Column 1
over the box containing the Bangla equivalent in Column 2

Column 1 (Drag) Column 2 (Drop) Correct Answer

    the - The dog
    this - This dog
    that - That dog

    কুকুরটা kukuroTa
    এই কুকুরটা ei kukuroTa
    ওই কুকুরটা Oi kukuroTa

    the - The dog কুকুরটা kukuroTa
    this - This dog এই কুকুরটা ei kukuroTa
    that - That dog ওই কুকুরটা Oi kukuroTa