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Quizzes for Basic Conversational Bangla

Table of Contents

Click on the Chapter
  1. Bangla Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure
  2. Verbs - Everyday Actions 1
  3. Verbs - Everyday Actions 2
  4. Verbs - Everyday Actions 3
  5. Verbs - Everyday Actions 4
  6. Verbs - Everyday Actions 5
  7. Verbs - Everyday Actions 6
  8. Verbs - Everyday Actions 7
  9. Verbs - Personal Actions 1
  10. Verbs - Personal Actions 2
  11. Verbs - Personal Actions 3
  12. Verbs - Article Exchange Actions
  13. Nouns - Entities
  14. Nouns - Parts of the Body
  15. Nouns - Time
  16. Nouns - Nature
  17. Nouns - Animals
  18. Nouns - Birds
  19. Nouns - Vegetables
  20. Nouns - Fruits
  21. Nouns - Miscellaneous Things
  22. Nouns - Numbers
  23. Pronouns Used in the Subject Phrase
  24. Pronouns Used in the Object Phrase
  25. Determiners - Specific Instances of Nouns
  26. Adjectives - Colo(u)rs
  27. Adjectives - Descriptive pairs 1
  28. Adjectives - Descriptive pairs 2
  29. Adverbs - Direction pairs
  30. Adverbs - Descriptive
  31. Prepositions - Place pairs
  32. Prepositions - Direction pairs
  33. Prepositions - Time pairs
  34. Conjunctions - Words Joining Nouns or Phrases

Bangla Parts of Speech and Sentence Structure

Drag and drop the first part of the sentence in Column 1
over the box containing the second part of the sentence in Column 2

Column 1 (Drag) Column 2 (Drop) Correct Answer
  • Sentences always have a
  • English sentences have a
  • Bangla sentences have a
  • Nouns (like 'cat') are names of
  • A Pronoun (like 'you') can
  • A Verb (like 'eat') describes
  • A Determiner (like 'the') points
  • Adjectives (like 'small') are used
  • Adverbs (like 'slowly') are used
  • Prepositions (like 'on') add attributes
  • Conjunctions (like 'and') are used
  • Subject, Verb and Object.
  • Subject-Verb-Object sequence.
  • Subject-Object-Verb sequence.
  • people, places, or things.
  • replace a Noun.
  • an action.
  • to a specific instance of a Noun.
  • to add description to the Noun.
  • to describe Verbs.
  • like location or time to Nouns.
  • to join two words or two phrases.
  • Sentences always have a Subject, Verb and Object.
  • English sentences have a Subject-Verb-Object sequence.
  • Bangla sentences have a Subject-Object-Verb sequence.
  • Nouns (like 'cat') are names of people, places, or things.
  • A Pronoun (like 'you') can replace a Noun.
  • A Verb (like 'eat') describes an action.
  • A Determiner (like 'the') points to a specific instance of a Noun.
  • Adjectives (like 'small') are used to add description to the Noun.
  • Adverbs (like 'slowly') are used to describe Verbs.
  • Prepositions (like 'on') add attributes like location or time to Nouns.
  • Conjunctions (like 'and') are used to join two words or two phrases.

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