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Guided Course - The Bangla Alphabet

  1. Preface
    How this book is organized
  2. Vowels
    Vowels In Bangla
  3. Consonants
    Consonants in Bangla
  4. Sample Bangla Words with Vowels & Consonants
    Sample Bangla Words
  5. Vowel Signs (-kars) applied to Consonants
    Vowel Signs are used to add to and sange the sound of a Consonant
  6. Sample Bangla Words with Vowels Signs
    Sample Bangla Words
  7. Compound Consonants
    Compound Consonants are formed when two or more Consonant sounds are joined together
  8. Sample Bangla Words with Compound Consonants
    Sample Bangla Words
  9. Alphabet Review-sohoj paTh
    Tagore's সহজ পাঠ sohoj paTh to review the Bangla alphabet
  10. English Phonetic Representation
    Phonetic Table
  11. Bangla Numbers
    Bangla System of Numbers
  12. Appendix:Side by Side comparison of Devanagari and Bangla Alphabet
    Compare Hindi and Bangla Alphabets