Examples of Conversations Applying Grammar Rules

In the previous lessons, we looked at the grammatical construction of a sentence in Bangla. Now we will put this knowledge to use by simulating a conversation.

For the purposes of this exercise, let us say that your name is Mary and you have come to visit Kolkata. You have just met somebody that you want to strike up a conversation with. Here are some sentences you would like to say in Bangla.

"Hi, my name is Mary. What is your name? I am visiting Kolkata. I was born in New York and I went to school there. I went to college in Florida. Now I work for a bank in California. Tell me about yourself. Where do you live? Do you have any brothers and sisters? What work do you do?"

We will take each sentence in the conversation and construct the Bangla sentences that you would use.

You greet people by saying "Namoskar" (for Hindus) and "Salaam Aleykum" (for Muslims). That is the closest we can get to the ubiquitous "Hi" in English.

The first sentence "My name is Mary" is parsed in English this way.

Subject Verb Object
my name is Mary

In Bangla, the sentence will be have a different sequence in the Verb Phrase. The Bangla word translation looks like this:

my আমার amar
name নাম nam
is হচ্ছে hochchhe
Mary মেরি meri

The Bangla words will now be substituted and the Verb order changed to make the sentence grammatically correct in Bangla.

Subject Object Verb
আমার নাম মেরি হচ্ছে
amar nam meri hochchhe

In everyday speech, the ending verb "is" ( হচ্ছে hochchhe ) is usually omitted.

The second sentence is a question and can be restated as "Your name is what?"

Subject Verb Object
Your name is what
The Bangla word translation looks like this:

your তোমার tOmar
name নাম nam
is হচ্ছে hochchhe
what কি ki
As before, we will cast the sentence in Bangla.

Subject Object Verb
তোমার নাম কি হচ্ছে
tOmar nam ki hochchhe

As in the previous sentence, the ending verb "is" is usually omitted.

The third sentence "I am visiting Kolkata" will now be parsed and recast.
Subject Verb Object
I am visiting Kolkata

The Bangla word translation looks like this: কলকাতা দেখতে এসেছি
I আমি ami
Kolkata kolokata
am visiting dekhote esechhi

As before, we will cast the sentence in Bangla.

Subject Object Verb
আমি কলকাতা দেখতে এসেছি
ami kolokata dekhote esechhi

The next sentence "I was born in New York and I went to school there." is a compound sentence consisting of "I was born in New York" and "I went to school there" with the conjunction "an" joining the two simple sentences to form a compound sentence.

Subject Verb Object Conjunction
I was born in New York and
Subject Verb Object
to school went there
Translations: in New York নিউ ইয়র্কে was born জন্মিয়েছি
and এবং to school স্কুলে went গিয়েছিলাম there সেখানে
I আমি ami niu iyorke jonmiyechhi ebong) skule) giyechhilam) sekhane)
Now the Bangla sentence.

Subject Object Verb Conjunction
আমি নিউ ইয়র্কে জন্মিয়েছি এবং
ami niu iyorke jonmiyechhi ebong
Subject Object Verb
স্কুলে সেখানে গিয়েছিলাম
skule sekhane giyechhilam

These examples were used to demonstrate that creating grammatically correct Bangla sentences is quite easily and repeatably accomplished if you work through the Noun Phrase, Verb Phrase structure of sentences.

For these sentences that we used to introduce a person, we used the following English words and their Bangla equivalents:

Words Used in Conversation

 my  আমার 
 name  নাম 
 what  কি 
 your  তোমার 
 Kolkata  কলকাতা 
 visiting  দেখতে এসেছি 
dekhote esechhi 
 born  জন্ম 
 in New York  নিউ ইয়র্কে 
niu iyorke 
 there  সেখানে 
 school  স্কুল 
 college  কলেজ 
 in Florida  ফ্লরিডা-তে 
 went  গিয়েছিলাম 
 now  এখন 
 work  কাজ কর 
kaj koro 
 a  একটা 
 bank  ব্যাংক 
 in California  ক্যালিফোর্নিয়া-তে 
 tell  বল 
 me  আমাকে 
 about  সম্বন্ধে 
 yourself  নিজের 
 where  কোথায় 
 live  থাক 
 have  আছে 
 brother  ভাই 
 sister  বোন 
 work  কাজ কর 
kaj koro 

The whole conversation in English and the Bangla sentences they generated look like this.

Introducing Yourself

 Namoskar, my name is Mary.  নমস্কার, আমার নাম মেরি।
  nomoskar, amar nam meri. 
 What is your name?  তোমার নাম কি?
  tOmar nam ki? 
 I am visiting Kolkata.  আমি কলকাতা দেখতে এসেছি।
  ami kolokata dekhote esechhi. 
 I was born in New York and I went to school there.  আমার নিউ ইয়র্কে জন্ম এবং সেখানে স্কুলে গিয়েছিলাম।
  amar niu iyorke jonmo ebong sekhane skule giyechhilam. 
 I went to college in Florida.  ফ্লরিডা-তে কলেজে গিয়েছিলাম।
  phloriDa-te koleje giyechhilam. 
 Now I work for a bank in California.  আমি এখন ক্যালিফোর্নিয়া-তে একটা ব্যাংক-এ কাজ করি।
  ami ekhon kYaliphOrniya-te ekoTa bYangk-e kaj kori. 
 Tell me about yourself.  নিজের সম্বন্ধে আমাকে বল।
  nijer sombondhe amake bolo. 
 Where do you live?  তুমি কোথায় থাক?
  tumi kOthay shako? 
 Do you have any brothers and sisters?  তোমার কি ভাই বোন আছে?
  tOmar ki bhai bOn achhe? 
 What work do you do?  তুমি কি কাজ কর?
  tumi ki kaj koro?