Lesson 3 - Words, Parts of Speech and Forming Grammatically Correct Sentences

If you feel that you need more time to master the Bangla Alphabet, don't worry. You should come back and repeat Lessons 1 and 2, while you are going through other lessons. Repetition aids memory! Since all material is presented in Bangla and Phonetic English, you will have plenty of opportunity to solidify your understanding of Bangla Alphabets as we move forward in the course.

Lesson 3 is based on Chapters 1-3 of "Introduction to Conversational Bangla" and lays the foundation blocks of Bangla Grammar using your knowledge of English grammatical structure. You will learn about the grammatical construction of Bangla, like the Subject, Object and Verb clauses, especially the difference between English (Subject-Verb-Object) and Bangla (Subject-Object-Verb) sentence construction.

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