Course Objective

Learning a new language does take some effort and hard work. Self study with formal text books in a classroom environment may take too long to produce visible progress. This course is designed for Internet users who want to learn the fundamentals of Bangla to be able to participate in conversations in Bangla.

This is an immersive 9 Lesson course that can be completed in 14 weeks of intensive study. You can also just follow the Lesson Plan and take the course at your own pace. I will help you through email ( if you have any questions.

The Teaching Method

We know that a five-year-old child can speak in grammatically correct sentences in their "Mother Tongue." They do not have a large vocabulary at that point, but manage to express themselves adequately. Linguists theorize that humans are born with a "language instinct" and they pick up the nuances of grammatical construction from their parents' conversations.

The teaching method in this site emulates how a child would learn their "Mother Tongue".

  1. Learning the Alphabet
    First, you would have to familiarize yourself with the Bangla Alphabet - Vowels and Consonants. Next, you need to understand how the sound of a Consonant is modified by Vowels (represented as diacritics). Finally, you have to learn the concept of Compound Consonants, where a consonant sound immediately follows another Consonant.
  2. Words and Vocabulary
    Words are made up from the letters in the Alphabet. A large vocabulary of words is useful only if you understand how they can be put together in grammatically correct Sentence.
  3. Grammar & Sentence Formation
    A grammar framework needs to be established early, incuding common Parts of Speech (like Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, etc.) similar to what you already know in English. Then vocabulary words are introduced within this framework. Sample sentences are used to put these words in a learning context. The learning process includes the student's ability to experience writing the Bangla sentences as you learn new words.

This approach will appear to be different from most Bangla textbooks and the large variety of resources available on the Internet. Your learning will be easier and your comprehension will be deeper if you work through the Lessons presented below.

We will be using two interactive ebooks on this site - - "Learn the Bangla Alphabet" and "Introduction to Conversational Bangla". Many external sources (like YouTube videos) will also be referenced as necessary.

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