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  1. All words taught in Conversational Bangla are in
    Wordlist Glossary
  2. Check your pronunciation at
    Pronunciation Wizard
  3. Help for Verb Conjugation is at
    Verb Conjugation Wizard
  4. Help for forming Grammatically correct sentences is at
    Sentence Construction Wizard.
  5. If you come across an unfamiliar piece of Bangla Text, you can get to read it with assistance of English by going to
    Assisted Bangla Text Reader
  6. To keep yourself in the habit of reading some Bangla text every day, you should try out the Daily News at
    Assisted Reading of Daily News
  7. Two different ways to write Bangla on a computer have been presented on this site. All these methods have the advantage of not requiring the user to have to install ANY software on their computer. All the Bangla on this site were entered using the second method as I wanted to also present the phonetic English with the Bangla.
    1. Fastest Bangla input for expert writes, using Google Transliteration PLUS a Visual Bangla Keyboard at
      Google with Visual Keyboard
    2. Specifically designed for learners and occasional users with Spelling Assist at
      Write Bangla Phonetically,

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