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Introduction to Common Bangla Words, Phrases and Sentences

People often want to get a taste of Bangla before they enter a more rigorous study of the language.
As in any immersive environment, one can learn many common words, expressions and sentences based on closely following and imitating the Bangla that you hear and see. It is pretty clear that many people on the internet want to learn a little bit of Bangla so that they can talk to their friends or significant others. I have seen the casual learner quickly lose interest in deep learning when they realize that some significant effort will have to be expended.
I have put together a "book" of common Bangla Words and Phrases. By closely studying the words and sentences, and by hearing and imitating the sounds, I believe it will give the internet learner some confidence to get deeper into learning Bangla in the conventional way.

Bangla Pronunciation using Phonetic English

I expect many people to go through this introduction before they have fully mastered the Bangla alphabet. For this reason, all Bangla words are also shown in English Phonetic notation. The phonetic form presented for the Bangla is also broken down by syllables. This will be helpful in pronunciation later.
What you will see are, for example:

    English - I want to learn Bangla
    Bangla - আমি বাংলা শিখতে চাই ।
    Phonetic - ami bang‧la shi‧kho‧te cha‧i.
In this example, you will note the following:

    The English sentence has the form
    $url[]= Subject
    VerbObject; $url[]= Iwant to learnBangla;
    while the Bangla sentence is formed as
    $url[]= Subject $url[]= ami
    banglashikote chai
    Remember-The verb comes at the end of the sentence in Bangla

    The Bangla words are pronounced the same way as they are written in the Phonetic form. The videoclip will let you hear the pronunciation of words as I, a native Bangla speaker, would pronounce the word.
    For example, the word বাংলা bangla is pronounced with 2 syllables as bang+la. The primary stress always falls on the first syllable, with secondary stress on the subsequent odd numbered syllables.
    In the snippets of conversation shown here, I have used the polite form of address for second person pronouns, as this is the preferred form for adult strangers. So we will use আপনি aponi (pronounced ap‧ni) rather than the normal তুমি tumi.

My very best to you for getting started on your Bangla Journey.
Supriyo Sen

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