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Each user must have an unique identity on the system. Since we want to make sure that we can easily communicate with users, we have chosen an user's Email ID as the most practical and useful unique ID. The user's Name (separated as First Name and Last Name) is useful when communicating with them. Finally, we want to save the geograhical location of a user to be sensitive to their time zone when communicating by phone or streaming video that may be useful for the learning process.

Please register by filling in the Registration form. Make sure that the email ID you enter is easily accessible to you. All system communications will be sent to this email. If an invalid emailID is entered, the registration will be immediately deleted.

Registration for a New User
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After successful registration, an email will be sent to you with Subject: Welcome to to acknowledge successful registration, document your Profile and to provide a guide to the various capabilities of the site. Please save this email to remember your credentials. A database record is created on the server to identify you for subsequent visits.

A registered user can use multiple devices and only needs to login from each device as necessary. For example, I use an iMac, an iPad, and an iPhone. For testing, I also have set up a Windows 10 and a Linux Ubuntu 14 under VirtualBox (an App that runs under Mac OS). Only one registration is required.

Since Registration sets up your profile, you may want to Register again if you want to change your Password, Name or Location. If you want to change your Email ID, you need to register as a new user. The history of your activities can be coordinated by sending an email to

The registration record on the server may be removed after six months of inactivity or on your emailed request. Registered users will get an activity status report by email twice a month.


For your convenience, the system has been designed to remember your Login credentials on any computer, tablet or smartphone for 30 days from your last visit. If you are a frequent visitor, you can expect to be "auto logged-in" and go directly to the site.

If you want to disallow autologin the next time, please click on the "Clear AutoLogin on this computer" link on the page.


Login for a Returning User
Email ID

Browser settings on some computers may restricts how long login credentials will be remembered. Public computers like the local Library or Internet Cafes usually reset every day. In these cases, the auto-login will not be effective and you will have to Login every time.

If you are not auto logged-in when you access the site, please Login by clicking on the Login Button and using this Login panel.

Forgot your Password?

This panel is used to get your password emailed to you.

Credentials sent to registered emailID.
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For security, the password cannot be sent to any other EmailID. It can only be sent to the Email ID in the Registration.

If you cannot remember either your Password or your EmailID, please send an email to