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Spelling Assist in

You may come across a situation where you know the pronunciation of a word but cannot remember the exact spelling. This, of course, happens when you are in the middle of writing the word in Bangla. A Spelling Assistant has been added to the "Write Phonetic Bangla" page to help you write the word correctly.

Dictionaries can only be looked up if you have the exact spelling of a word. So with correct spelling you will be able to find more words in the dictionary. An example is shown later using the Online Samsad Dictionary.

Spelling of Bangla words are challenging because there are Bangla vowels and consonants where multiple letters can be used to produce the same phonetic sound. For example,

  • 2 vowel i sounds ('ই',‘ি’,'ঈ','ী’)
  • 2 vowel u sounds ('উ',‘ু’,'ঊ','ূ’)
  • 2 consonant jaw sounds ('জ','য')
  • 2 consonant naw sounds ('ন','ণ')
  • 3 consonant shaw sounds ('শ','ষ','স')
  • 3 consonant raw sounds ('র','ড়','ঢ়')
No distinction is made in Bangla between the pronunciation of the 3 shaw sounds, for example. The spellings, however follow the spelling rules from Sanskrit, from which Bangla is derived. Even many native speakers have found the Spelling Assistant useful during their writing.

Finding or Confirming Spelling

In "Write Phonetic Bangla" at Write Phonetic Bangla I have added a panel called "Bangla Spelling Discovery (Extended)" to help you confirm or correct spelling.
  1. Click on "Show" to open the panel
  2. Enter the Phonetic English of the word you are looking for.
  3. Click on the button "Fing Matching Bangla Word(s)".
  4. A 110,000 word Bangla Spelling dictionary is searched for a phonetic match
  5. Phonetic matches are shown. If you had entered jagrito, you will see
    If there is an exact match, the output will be highlighted in green. Otherwise, the letters that are different will be highlighted. In this case, you can see that the nearest phonetic match has a spelling of "jagorito" rather than "jagrito" as originally entered.

Looking up Samsad Dictionary for corrected spelling

The Samsad Bangla-English Dictionary from University of Chicago is another panel in "Write Phonetic Bangla". It has a simplified user interface and internally accesses and formats the results of a dictionary lookup.

If you had tried to enter "jagrito" in Samsad, you would not have a match because the spelling in Samsad would not have matched. Enter the correct spelling "jagorito" into Samsad. You will see

Using Samsad to get related Words

Sometimes you may want to see related words. You can try to look for words that contain part of the word you were looking for. For eample, you may want to search for the string "jagor" rather than "jagorito". The search will result in Bangla words that contain jagor জাগর. Here is what you will see.
A search found 9 entries with জাগর in the entry word or full text.

জাগর a sleepless.

কোজাগর n the day of the fullmoon in the month of Ashwin-Kartik (আশ্বিন-কার্তিক) when goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. কোজাগরী a. of or on or during this day; performed on this day.

জাগর n awakening; awakened state; wakeful or sleepless state ('রজনী জাগরক্লান্ত'); (dial.) a kind of awakening song. ~স্বপ্ন n. a day-dream; a reverie.

জাগর n act of waking; sleeplessness; wakefulness; (fig.) coming back to ac tivity or consciousness, awakening, rise (জাতির জাগর). জাগরনী. n. an awak ening song; the period of waking. ☐ a. relating to waking.

জাগরি a awakened, risen from sleep; sleepless, wakeful; (fig.) come back to one's senses or consciousness. জাগরিত করা v. to rouse from sleep, to awake or awaken; (fig.) to bring one to one's senses. জাগরিত হওয়া v. to rise from sleep, to wake; (fig.) to come back to one's senses, to regain one's conscious ness.

জাগরী a one who keeps awake; wakeful; sleepless.

জাগরূ a awake; wakeful; watchful; careful; still unforgotten or existent (হৃদয়ে জাগরূ).

নব1 a new; novel; young; modern, re cent; new-born; newly grown; early; fresh. ~কারিকা n. a newly-married wife. ~কার্তিক n. infant Kartikeya (কার্তিকেয়); (sarcas.) a very ugly man; (hum.) a foppish gallant. ~কুমার n. a new-born son. ~গঠিত a. newly-formed, newly constructed or composed. ~জলধর n. a newly-formed cloud, a fresh cloud. ~জলধরপটল n. a heap of fresh clouds, cumulus. ~জলধরশ্যাম a. as charmingly dark as a fresh rain-bearing cloud. ~জাগরণ, ̃জাগৃতি n. resurgence, new awakening; rebirth, regeneration, re naissance. ~জাত a. new-born; newly grown or produced. ~জাতক n. a new born baby. ~জীবন n. a new life; young life; a fresh lease of life; (fig.) rejuve nation or renascence. ~ত্ব n. newness; novelty; modernity; freshness; novelty. ~দম্পতি, ̃দম্পতী n. a newly married couple. ~দল n. a fresh or new or tender leaf of a lotus. ~নিযুক্ত a. newly ap pointed. ~পল্লব n. a young leaf or twig or shoot or sprout. ~বধূ n. a newly married wife or bride. ~বর্ষ n. New Year. ~বসন্ত n. early spring; a new spring. ~বিধান n. a new law or system; a new order of the Brahma Samaj founded by Keshabchandra Sen; (Christ.) the New Testament. ~মল্লিকা, ̃মালিকা n. a variety of jasmine. ~যুবক n. a young man; (cp.) a greenhorn. fem. ~যুবতী a young woman. ~যৌবন n. early youth, the first flush of youth, the prime of youth; a fresh lease of youth; rejuvenation, rejuvenescence. ~যৌবন সম্পন্ন a. in the prime of one's youth. fem. নবযৌবনসম্পন্না, নবযৌবনা ।

রাত্রি n night; night-time, night-tide (also রাত্রিকাল); (fig.) obscurity (জীবনের রাত্রি নামা). রাত্রি হয়েছে v. it is night. রাত্রি ভোর হওয়া v. to dawn. ~কালীন a. nightly, nocturnal. ~কালে adv. by night, at night. ~চর, ̃ঞ্চর a. active by night; nightfaring. fem. ~চরী, ̃ঞ্চরী । ̃জাগরণ করা v. to keep awake by night. ~বাস n. passing the night; night-rest; night-at tire, night-clothes, night-dress, night gear, a night-gown, a nighty, a nightie. ~বেলা, ̃যোগে, adv. by night, at night.

As you can see, you can quickly scan the yellow highlighted words and expand your vocabulary with these related words.