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Compatibility with Unicode

This table shows a sample of Bangla as rendered by your computer compared to what a fully Unicode-compliant PC/Mac will render. >
Letter form OnBrowser Reference
 ক খ গ line 1
 কি কে কৌ line 2
 ন্ড ক্ষ ক্ত  line 3
  • If the Rendering "On Browser" looks like "Reference" - This computer is fully Unicode compliant. The Bangla will be properly rendered.
  • If the "On Browser" is different from "Reference" - then your current configuration needs to be updated for Unicode support and/or you may have to install an appropriate Bangla Unicode font.

Why are Unicode Fonts Important?

When you type on your PC/Mac keyboard, a special code is sent to the Operating System (Windows or Mac). This code is interpreted, and a character representation is displayed on your screen. The "font" determines what graphic is displayed.

In the original fonts developed for the IBM PC, there were only 128 slots for character representation. There was no standard keyboard layout for Bangla fonts. The Unicode standard was developed to standardize the fonts for thousands of languages, including Bengali. This allows Unicode fonts to be used interchangeably across a variety of applications and operating environments. Web designers are developing internet sites using Unicode fonts.

Unicode fonts will give you wider access to the content of many of the newer sites. Both the Operating System (Windows or Mac) and the Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc) should be made "Unicode compliant" to ensure consistent support of Indic fonts and correct rendering of Bangla characters.

Bangla Unicode Fonts for Mac, Windows and Linux

A number of OpenType Bangla Fonts were published on These fonts could be used on Windows systems but lacked Apple Advanced Typography(AAT) internal tables to work properly on Mac Systems. Raiyan Kabir of Bangla-অঙ্কুর has converted these fonts into AAT-OpenType Hybrid fonts, thus making them render correctly in Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh platforms. These fonts can be downloaded from the Bangla-Onkur site.