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Take a page with Bangla text on your site and convert it to Assisted Bangla Format

To keep this guide simple, let us say that the Source HTML page contains
.teal {color:#096;font-size:24px;}
<img src=>
<span class=teal>নমস্কার, আমার নাম <b>সুপ্রিয় সেন</b> । </span>
'এইকথাটা' আমার অভিধানে নেই, কিন্তু 'এই' এবং 'কথাটা' আছে ।

and renders like

নমস্কার, আমার নাম সুপ্রিয় সেন

'এইকথাটা' আমার অভিধানে নেই, কিন্তু 'এই' এবং 'কথাটা' আছে ।

The Target Source HTML should have each of the Bangla words with a mouseover action that shows up with the popup display as in
<span onmouseover="nhpup.popup('নমস্কার no‧mos‧kar Hello');">নমস্কার and renders like this


Put your mouse over the word নমস্কার above and you will see a popup window.

The popup has three parts

  1. The Bangla word (eg. নমস্কার)
  2. The Phonetic pronunciation of the Bangla word written in English, including syllable markers (eg. no‧mos‧kar)
  3. The English meaning of the word (eg. Hello)
The display can have CSS applied to it to make it more aesthetic.

The conversion from Source to Target is done by the Assisted Reading of Bangla Text App which is in the Practice Resources Section of the site.

The App takes the Bangla text (with HTML) and "processes" it.

  1. Extracts every word in the text.
  2. Looks up the word in a Public Dictionary.
  3. Produces a list of all Bangla words and their corresponding English meanings.
  4. Reformats the original text by adding a mouseover event with each Bangla word such as
    <span onmouseover="popup('আমার amar my');">আমার</span>.
    A Javascript function popup.js creates a popup window as you mouseover the word আমার.

The Public Dictionary currently has about 31,000 words. If you use the Assisted Applications, you will also get the ability to add/update words in the dictionary. Any changes to the dictionary will then be available to everybody else from then on.