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Bangla with Phonetic Pronunciation

এবার বিদায় বেলার সুর ধরো ধরো |
ebar bi‧da‧y be‧lar sur dho‧rO dho‧rO |
ও চাঁপা , ও করবী !
O chan^‧pa , O ko‧ro‧bI !
তোমার শেষ ফুলে আজ সাজি ভরো ।
tO‧mar sheSh phu‧le aj sa‧ji bho‧rO .

যাবার পথে আকাশ তলে
Ja‧bar po‧the akash to‧le
মেঘ রাঙা হলো চোখের জলে,
megh ra‧Nga ho‧lO chO‧kher jo‧le,
ঝরে পাতা ঝরো ঝরো ।
jho‧re pa‧ta jho‧rO jho‧rO .

হেরো, হেরো ওই রুদ্র রবি,
he‧rO, he‧rO O‧i rud‧ro ro‧bi,
স্বপ্ন ভাঙ্গায় রক্ত ছবি।
swop‧no bhaNg‧ga‧y rok‧to chho‧bi.
খেয়াতরীর রাঙা পালে ,
khe‧ya‧to‧rIr ra‧Nga pa‧le ,
আজ লাগল হাওয়া ঝড়ের তালে,
aj la‧go‧l ha‧O‧ya jho‧Rer ta‧le,
বেণু বনের ব্যাকুল শাখা থরো থরো |
be‧Nu bo‧ner bYa‧kul sha‧kha tho‧rO tho‧rO |

English Translation

The moment has come.

Please play the music to bid goodbye. Please do.

O the flower by name ‘Champa’ !

O the flower by name ‘Karabi’ !

With your last lot of flowers,

Please fill up the flower- basket today.

On the path of departure, beneath the surface of sky,

The cloud turned crimson, with tears in eyes.

The leaves started falling off, with rustling sound.

Please be very watchful of the tempestuous sun.

Its bright red image causes our dreams to get interrupted.

The brilliantly coloured sail of the ferry boat, today got caught in strong winds playing to the tune of storm.

And the quivering branches of the bamboo grove were as if shivering helplessly


Lyrics:Rabindranath Tagore
Singer:Sutapa Chakraborty
Translation:Nirukta Bose, first posted on Facebook.

The translation was made more literal, so that the readers may understand the Bengali Text and its grammar.

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