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Which Strange Note Is My Veena Playingমোর বীণা ওঠে কোন্‌ সুরে বাজি (mOr bINa OThe kOn‌ sure baji)

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মোর বীণা ওঠে কোন্‌ সুরে বাজি কোন্‌ নব চঞ্চল ছন্দেমম অন্তর কম্পিত আজি নিখিলের হৃদয়স্পন্দেআসে কোন্‌ তরুণ অশান্ত , উড়ে বসনাঞ্চলপ্রান্ত , আলোকের নৃত্যে বনান্ত মুখরিত অধীর আনন্দেঅম্বরপ্রাঙ্গনমাঝে নিঃস্বর মঞ্জীর গুঞ্জেঅশ্রুত সেই তালে বাজে করতালি পল্লবপুঞ্জেকার পদপরশন-আশা তৃণে তৃণে অর্পিল ভাষা , সমীরণ বন্ধনহারা উন্‌মন কোন্‌ বনগন্ধে

English Translation

In which strange note is my Veena ringing the tune today? And in which new and swift metre is it playing music? My inner soul stands shaken today by the heart-throbs of universe. Some unknown restless youth comes. His garment’s upper border flutters in wind. Amidst dance of light, the forestland resounds with voice of impatient joy. In the courtyard of sky, The anklet-bells of dancers hum softly, as if in a soundless tune. Clusters of leaves clap their hands in rhythm with that unheard soundless tune. The hope of being immediately touched and blessed by the feet of someone unknown spreads a whisper from grass to grass. Who was that someone? The wind with its mind distracted by an unknown forest fragrance, breaks the fetters and becomes free.


Lyrics:Rabindranath Tagore
Sung By:Lopamudra Mitra
Translation:Nirukta Bose, first posted on Facebook.
Tagore had himself penned an English version of this. This translation is based on Tagore's version and was made more literal, so that the Readers may understand the Bengali Text and its grammar.
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