Bangla with Phonetic Pronunciation

প্রাণ ভরিয়ে তৃষা হরিয়ে
praN bho‧ri‧ye trri‧Sha ho‧ri‧ye
মোরে আরো দাও প্রাণ।
mO‧re arO da‧O praN.
তব ভুবনে তব ভবনে
to‧b bhu‧bo‧ne to‧b bho‧bo‧ne
মোরে আরো দাও স্থান ॥
mO‧re arO da‧O sthan ॥

আরো আলো আরো আলো
arO alO arO alO
এই নয়নে, প্রভু, ঢালো।
e‧i noyo‧ne, pro‧bhu, Dha‧lO.
সুরে বাঁশি পুরে
su‧re ban^‧shi pu‧re
তুমি আরো দাও তান ॥
tu‧mi arO da‧O tan ॥

আরো বেদনা আরো বেদনা,
arO be‧do‧na arO be‧do‧na,
প্রভু, দাও মোরে আরো চেতনা।
pro‧bhu, da‧O mO‧re arO che‧to‧na.
দ্বার ছুটায়ে বাধা টুটায়ে
dwar chhu‧Ta‧ye ba‧dha Tu‧Ta‧ye
মোরে করো ত্রাণ মোরে করো ত্রাণ।
mO‧re ko‧rO traN mO‧re ko‧rO traN.

আরো প্রেমে আরো প্রেমে
arO pre‧me arO pre‧me
মোর আমি ডুবে যাক নেমে।
mOr ami Du‧be Jak ne‧me.
সুধাধারে আপনারে
su‧dha‧dha‧re apo‧na‧re
তুমি আরো আরো আরো করো দান ॥
tu‧mi arO arO arO ko‧rO dan ॥

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English Translation

Quench my thirst, fill my soul,
More life, give me more life.
In your world, in your abode,
Give me a deeper place, give me my home.

More light, yet more light,
Pour your light, my lord, into these eyes.
With more tunes, tune my flute,
Flood me with your melody.

More pain, still more pain, my lord,
And more consciousness yet to me.
Knock down doors, break down walls,
Free me now, deliver me.

With love, with yet more love
Let the “I” in me drown deep.
In showers of sweetness pour yourself,
yet more and more of you into me.


“Aaro Dao Praan” (“Give me more life”), a popular Rabindra Sangeet (song by Rabindranath Tagore), is an appeal for an abundance of life and consciousness. This offering, conceived by Kamalini Mukherji, is musically designed by eminent music director Joy Sarkar, and brings together some of the leading exponents of the genre – Jayati Chakraborty, Kamalini Mukherji, Manoj Murali, and Sasha Ghoshal.

Music Credits
Producer - Joy Sarkar
Vocals - Jayati Chakraborty, Kamalini Mukherji, Manoj Murali, Sasha Ghoshal
Guitars - Joy Sarkar
Piano - Souptik Mazumder 
Bass - Sunny Sharma
Flute - Sushanta Nandy (Bubai)
Programming - Sabuj-Ashish
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Goutam Basu at studio vibrations in Kolkata

Film Credits
Artists in order of appearance - Joy Sarkar, Sasha Ghoshal, Kamalini Mukherji, Manoj Murali, Jayati Chakraborty
Production Unit - Flying Leaves Production
Directed and Edited by - Pritha Chakraborty
Director of Photography - Ranajay
Making and assistant - Geeta Doshi
Lighting by - Babu
Digital Intermediate - Uttam Utu
Production and Accounts - Dipankar Kar
Studio - Post Production
Camera Team - Cherry Pix