Hearing Bangla Pieces - with Bangla Lyrics and English Translations

The best way to learn proper pronunciation of Bangla is to listen carefully to native speakers and emulate the way they speak. If you do not have access to such resources, you can listen to Bangla being spoken on the streets or on audio/video. Actors and singers tend to have very clear diction. Here is a collection of short pieces that you should listen to repeatedly and learn how the words are formed.
Read the lyrics (in Phonetic English) aloud and compare your rendering with the recording provided. When you become more familiar with the Bangla script, try to directly read the Bangla.

Tagore Songs with Lyrics and English Translations by Nirukta Bose
  1. bosontephul - The Advent of Spring  বসন্তে ফুল গাঁথল  bosonte phul gan^tholo
  2. morbina - In which strange note is my Veena ringing  মোর বীণা ওঠে কোন্‌ সুরে বাজি  mOr bINa OThe kOn‌ sure baji
  3. agunerporoshmoni - Touch my heart with touchstone of fire  আগুনের পরশমণি ছোঁয়াও প্রাণে  aguner poroshomoNi chhOn^yaO praNe
  4. ebarbidaybelar - The moment has come  এবার বিদায় বেলার সুর ধরো ধরো  ebar biday belar sur dhorO dhorO
  5. jabardine On the day I depart, let me say this and leave  যাবার দিনে এই কথাটি বলে যেন যাই  Jabar dine ei kothaTi bole Jen Jai
  6. kothakoO Please tell your tales from the past  কথা কও, কথা কও, অনাদি অতীত, অনন্ত রাতে  kotha koO, kotha koO, onadi otIt, ononto rate
  7. sedindujone That Day When the Two of Us  সেদিন দুজনে  sedin dujone
Contemporary Videos and Songs with Lyrics
  1. benimadhab By:Joy Goswami - Benimadhab, Benimadhab  বেণীমাধব, বেণীমাধব, তোমার বাড়ি যাব  benimadhab, benimadhab, tOmar baRi Jabo
  2. brishti By:Anjan Datta - I Have Seen the Rain  আমি বৃষ্টি দেখেছি  ami briShti dekhechhi