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Creating "Assisted" Reading Documents in Bangla

This app prepares Bangla Text for Mouseover Assistance.

Paste the text in Tab#1. Then click on the "Process" button. Tab#2 will now show the transformed text and as you move your mouse over a Bangla word, you will see the English meaning of the Bangla word. The words not found in the Public Dictionary will be highlighted.

In Tab#3, you have the option of researching the meanings of words you do not know by looking up the Samsad Dictionary (at the University of Chicago) in Tab#4. The Public Dictionary is a "Learning Dictionary" and will remember the English meanings you entered.

For Bangla Text

Copy/Paste Bangla text below, then click on

Mouseover Assisted Text Display
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Mouseover Readassist displayed here...after processing in Tab#1

The Bangla with Mouseover Translation will be seen on Tab#2.

The Public Dictionary

A Glossary of Words in Bangla and English Translations is produced when you clicked on the "Process" button.

Update one entry at a time

Dictionary Update will be shown here...

Help on Updating The Public Directory

Dictionary Lookup

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Dictionary Search Results

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Acknowledgement: Lookup uses the Samsad Dictionary lookup software developed by Steve Capell ( at

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