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Google Bangla Writer

KeyBoard Shortcuts:

Visual Keyboard


Conjunct Key

Hosonto ্




ড় ঢ় য়



Mouseover to show, then click on Bangla key(s).

Vowel Signs

All vowel signs are inserted after the consonant.
আ ম ি => আমি

Juktakkhor/Compound Consonant

A Conjunct/Hosonto sign placed between 2 consonants will form a compound consonant.
প Hosonto ্ র => প্র

COPY/PASTE Bangla to Other Apps 1. Quick Spellcheck for upto 100 Bangla Words    2. Send eMail    3. Facebook
Look for a button "Show KB" in upper right of screen. Click to reveal a Bangla Keyboard. Now you can also write any Bangla word and copy/paste into the text area. Writing rules are under Usage. Vowels, Consonants and Numerals with open up as your mouse moves over the Headings.

Acknowledgement: This invokes the Google Bangla Writer from Google. Styling has been applied to simplify the screen without modifying any Google code.
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