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Fast Bangla Input

Googvisual-Combines Google Autospelling & Bangla Virtual Keyboard
or Use CTRL+C for PC, CMD+C for Mac. Then "Paste" (CTRL+V/CMD+V) in another app like Facebook, MSWord,etc.

Input with the Bangla Visual Keyboard
Vowels & Vowel Signs

Consonants and Consonant Signs
ড় ঢ় য়  
Special Keys, Punctuation
Space Conjunct/
্ Hosonto
  - , ;


Shortcuts - Common Pholas 2-letter Conjuncts

Shortcuts - Differently Formed Conjuncts
ক ষ
ঙ ক
ঙ গ
ঞ জ
জ ঞ
ষ ণ
ন ত র
স ত র

Dictionary & Phonetic Spellcheck for a List of (upto 100) Words

Correctly Spelt Phonetic Matches will be shown here

Email the Bangla Text You Wrote

You can also directly email the entire contents of the yellow   textbox above   .
  1. Enter the Emails of the recipients (a list of emails, separated by commas).
    Your email () will be sent a copy (as BCC).
  2. Fill in the Subject field by typing in Phonetic English (default subject is আমার চিঠি)
  3. Click
    The contents of the TextArea will be sent to the named recipient, with the Subject entered.


Googvisual Help

Writing Bangla with the GoogVisual Writer

The top part of the window looks like
Window top

In the TextArea, type in Phonetic English. Each word is immediately converted to Bangla. For example, if you type in "amar" followed by a space or punctuation, you will see it become "আমার". This for each word you enter. The Bangla words producced are automatically "spell checked".

This Writer is quite flexible in interpreting representation of Bangla letters in Phonetic English. A close enough English Phonetic formulation will usually get good results. For example, "ami bari jabo" will result in আমি বাড়ি যাবো। and the ড় and য were correctly chosen without our specific guidance.

Click on the LangIcon button to switch to writing verbatim in English. The icon color changes to light gray. If you click again, you will revert back to writing in Bangla.

The Bangla Visual Keyboard

If there is a specific letter combination you are trying to write, you may want to use the Bangla Visual Keyboard displayed by clicking on Bangla Virtual Keyboard near the top of the window.

Below the TextArea you will see a Bangla Keyboard with buttons representing all letters of the Bangla alphabet.
Visual Keyboard

You can type a Bangla word into the TextArea directly from the Visual Keyboard. For exam ple, clicking on

will produce আমার .


  • All vowel signs are inserted after the consonant whose sound it changes. For example, you will press

    ি to produce আমি.

  • When you want to form a compound consonant (or juktakkhor)
    1. click on the first consonant,
    2. then a Hosonto Conjunct/Hosonto ্ ,
    3. then the second consonant.

Dictionary & Phonetic Spellcheck for a List of (upto 100) Words

You can get the dictionary definition and spellcheck for a list of upto 100 words, during a session where you are writing Bangla text. Just paste the Bangla words, separating them with spaces or punctuation. The dictionary lookup is shown. Here is an example of entering "ইঁদুর বিড়াল" into the dictionary request.

Email the Bangla Text You Wrote

The text created in the Textbox can be emailed directly.
  • Fill in the EmailID you want to send the Bangla to (you can send to a list of emailIDs, separated by comma
  • enter a subject describing the email. The subject will be rendered in Bangla just like the body of your email

    Pressing the button will create and send emails with the Subject you entered and with the Contents of the TextArea as the Body of the eMail.

    is an quick method to copy the contents of the Edit area to the Clipboard. This makes it easy (with CTRL/CMD-V) to paste the edit area directly to another Application. This button performs a "Select All" followed by "CTRL-C" in Windows and Linux and CMD-C on a Mac.

    iOS (iPhones and iPads) or Google Android Phones and Tablets have their own published way of accomplishing this action. Text can also be transferred to other applications on the computer. If you had used the "Copy All button" or used the CTRL/CMD-C keyboard keys, your clipboard will already have what you need. Now find the application Window you want and CTRL/CMD-V to Paste the contents of the clipboard.


    Acknowledgement: This uses the Google Transliteration engine for Bangla, originally from Google.

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