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অলোকসুন্দর a of unearthly or superhuman beauty; of rare or uncommon beauty.

সুন্দর a not beautiful; ugly; ungraceful; ungainly; uncouth.

সুন্দর a beautiful, fine, nice, pretty; pleasant, lovely; goodlooking, hand some, fair; graceful, elegant; sweet (সুন্দর গান). সুন্দর করা v. to beautify, to embellish; to improve (হস্তাক্ষর সুন্দর করা)

সুন্দরী1 a. fem of সুন্দরn. a beautiful woman or girl.

সুন্দরীn. a beautiful woman or girl.

সুন্দরী2 n a kind of timber-tree grown in Sundarbans or its timber, Heritiera sundari, sundri.