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Bangla Pronunciation

Bengali words can be broken down into syllables. When we pronounce a word, we are speaking out the syllables in order. In standard Bengali, the primary stress falls on the first syllable of the word, while secondary stress often falls on all odd-numbered syllables.
Paste the Bangla text in the blue box and click on the "Bangla to English Pronunciation" Button. The English Phonetic with syllables will appear in the yellow box. If you have the English Phonetic only, paste it in the yellow box and generate the corresponding Bangla. Two examples are provided for practice.


Paste Unicode Bangla below

Phonetic English

Phonetic English with syllables

Sample Documents to Test Pronunciation Wizard

চিত্ত যেথা ভয়শূন্য by Rabindranath Tagore
সোনার তরী by Rabindranath Tagore