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Quick Sentence Construction Wizard

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Sentence Structure

A grammatically correct Sentence has a Subject Phrase, a Verb Phrase and an Object Phrase.
  • Subject has a Noun or Pronoun that shows who the sentence is about.
  • Verb tells us the action that the Subject is taking.
  • Object tells us on whom the Subject is taking the action.

English is a S-V-O language. The sentence order is Subject, Verb and Object.
Bangla is a S-O-V language. The sentence order is Subject, Object and Verb.

Let us start to create the sentence.

Step 1 - The Subject Phrase

We will start by creating the Subject. In this Wizard, a Subject will have only a Pronoun.

Step 1a - Choose a Pronoun for the Subject

I  You  He/She 

Pronoun: not yet chosen

Step 2 - The Verb Phrase

Choose a verb for the sentence.
ask  hear/listen  look  say/tell 
see  talk/speak  call  dance 
know  learn  play  read 
recognize  reply  sing  study 
teach  think  understand  watch 
write  bathe  cook  drink 
eat  lie down  sit  sleep 
wake  wash  wear/put on  work 
believe  come  explain  fill 
find  forget  give  go 
lose  take  throw out  want 
affix/attach  agree  allow  be 
begin/start  can do  close  do 
feel  finish  fix/repair  have/remain 
make/construct  open  return  search 
shut/stop  start  strike/hit  try 
break  bring  cut  get 
hurt  keep/put  kill  make 
reach/arrive  climb down  climb up  fall 
fly  run  run/sprint  stand 
travel  wait  walk  borrow 
buy  count  pay  sell 
send  sign  spend  steal 
born  die  live  marry 

Conjugated Verb list will be shown here. You can then select the Verb form.

Verb Conjugation not yet chosen

Step 3 - Creating the Object Phrase

Step 3a - Start with a Noun

Choose a Noun for the Object of the sentence.
bear  buffalo  calf  camel 
cat  cow  crocodile  deer 
dog  goat  horse  jackal 
lion  monkey  sheep  tiger 
chicken  cock  crow  cuckoo 
duck  eagle  heron  owl 
peacock  Dollars  Euros  Pounds 
Rupees  east  north  south 
west  kilometers  miles  boy 
child  girl  group  infant 
man  person  police  public 
thing  woman  cake  dal 
egg  fish  jalebis  meat 
milk  rice  sweets  vegetables 
water  yoghurt  apple  banana 
grape  guava  jackfruit  mango 
orange  pineapple  cabbage  carrot 
cauliflower  eggplant  onion  potato 
bed  blankets  car  chair 
door  home  house  neighbo(u)rs 
pictures  room  umbrella  window 
Bangla  breakfast  dinner  lunch 
snacks  supper  cloud  earth 
grass  lake  land  life 
moon  ocean  part  road 
sky  star  sun  way 
world  back  belly  blood 
body  cheek  chest  ear 
eye  face  finger  hair 
hand  head  leg  mouth 
navel  neck  nose  skin 
throat  tooth  waist  India 
Kolkata  London  New York  Park Street 
Portland  Stockholm  Toronto  alphabets 
book  examination  ink  letter 
movies  novels  poem  songs 
story  student  cricket  kite 
boat  hat  price  rose 
sari  shoes  toys  afternoon 
day  evening  hour  month 
morning  night  noon  time 
today  tomorrow  week  year 
yesterday  bag  colors  happy 
job  lock  lover  name 
orders  orders  present  proposal 
rent  rules  sad  sweetheart 
taxi  thief  worried 

Noun: Not yet Chosen

Step 3b - Enhancing the Object Phrase with optional Postposition

I do not want
on the  inside the  outside the  at the 
for the  to  under the  on the right 
on the left  on the front  on the back  along the side 
all around  in the middle  from  before 

Preposition(optional):Not yet Chosen

Step 3c - Add Optional Determiner

Choose a Determiner (or the "I do not want.." button) based on the sentence you want to create.
I do not want
the  this  that 

Determiner:Not Yet Chosen

The Complete Sentence - Subject, Object and Verb

The Complete sentence is shown in the floating box in upper right of the window.

To start a new sentence

Manually fine-tuning your Bangla Sentence

This Wizard has a restricted vocabulary and forms sentences with a single Subject, Object and Verb. Advanced users may want to adjust the created sentence.

For example, you could have created a sentence I will go to Kolkata. In this part, you could expand it to I and my family will go to Kolkata which adds a Conjunction ("and my family") in the Subject. In Phonetic English, change ami kolokataye Jabo. to ami ar amar poribar kolokataye Jabo. which will be আমি আর আমার পরিবার কলকাতায়ে যাব।

The current sentence is already in the English Phonetic. Make your changes in English Phonetic and see your enhanced Bangla Sentence.

Phonetic English



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