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Daisy's Wordlist

Daisy's Wordlist is in a MySQL table called Daisydict and has the following columns:
bn_wordThe Bangla Wordকচ্ছপ
en_for_bnThe Phonetic English Version of the Bangla wordkochchhop
en_wordThe English Meaning of the Bangla Wordturtle
sentenceExample of How the Bangla Word Would Be Used In A Sentenceকিন্তু কচ্ছপ আর জাগল না বা গল্প বলল না ।
sourceReferences Where the Bangla Word Was FoundKocchoper Ghum
updated_onDate of Last Update (automatically inserted)2022-02-27 02:56:48

App Summary
  1. Find English or Bangla Words in Daisydict
  2. Scan, Check Samsad/Bangla-Tangla Dictionaries & Update Entries in DaisyDict
  3. Process Text and update DaisyDict with New Words
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