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Daisydict is a glossary of Bangla Words and their English meaning, compiled by Daisy Paradis of Truro, MA.

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Derivatives of Words (Nouns) implemented with Suffixes

Derivative Name Ends with
The definitive "the" (also called a determiner) is implemented with a suffix on the noun
e.g. কুকুরটা, বাচ্চাটি, কুকুরগুলো, বাচ্চাগুলি
Ta -> 'টা' Inanimate objects /less respectful
Ti -> 'টি' Animate/living/more respectful

gulO -> 'গুলো' Plural form of 'টা'
guli -> 'গুলি'Plural form of 'টি'

Measure Words
When you refer to a number of objects, the name given to the number in a collection is a measure word (MW). A collection is implemented as a suffix to the Measure Word
e.g. একবার, দুইদল, তিনদিন, চারতলা, পাঁচঘন্টা, ছয়খানা, সাতমাস, আটজন, নয়টা, দশটি
bar -> বার Day of Week
dol -> দল group/party
din -> দিন days
tola -> তলা storeys (building levels)
ghonTa -> ঘন্টা hour of day
khana -> খানা pieces
mas -> মাস months
jon -> জন people count
Ta/Ti -> টা/টি/ count
This is the possessive case of a noun or pronoun
e.g. মামার, গাছের, মামাদের
r -> 'র' If last letter in noun is vowel
er -> 'ে'.'র' If last letter in noun is consonant
der -> 'দের' If noun is plural
This is a preposition formed with a noun+suffix
e.g. বাড়িতে, ঘরে, কলকাতায়ে, টরন্টোয়ে
e -> 'ে' If last letter in noun is consonant
te -> 'তে' If last letter in noun is vowel
ye -> 'য়ে' 'য়ে' applied to Proper Nouns
This form is used when the noun or pronoun is used in the Object Phrase
e.g. আমাকে, দাদাকে
ke -> 'কে'
This form is used when the noun or pronoun is inclusive (like "also" or "too" in English)
e.g. আমিও, দাদাও
O -> 'ও'
This form is used when the noun or pronoun is exclusive (like "only" or "alone" in English)
e.g. আমিই, দাদাই, যুদ্ধই
i -> 'ই'

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