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What's on this Site?

The 1968 Graduating Class at IIT Kharagpur were together from 1963 to 1968. Since we graduated, we have gone in different directions. We have moved to different cities, pursued different professions and most have married and settled down to raise our families.

What brought us together in 1963 was largely accidental. To get into IIT at that time you had to have been academically outstanding. To go though a rigorous curriculum, you had to have determination and perseverance. And when we finally graduated, we thought the world would be at our feet with boundless opportunities. Living in the Halls of Residence and studying with our classmates, we built deep friendships that have stood the test of time. Today, more than ever, we yearn for our friends with whom we shared our most formative years.

The 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2018 brought many of us together. We generally agreed that we should try to meet each other. Then Coronavirus hit us in 2020. Since we cannot travel, Email and WhatsApp have become our communication methods of choice.

This site serves as a repository of contact information - emailID, Phone, Deparment, Location, Birthday and Spouse Name. Now you can send an email, phone friends or contact one another on WhatsApp or Facetime (chat or video) if applicable.

In addition to one-on-one communication, there are 2 ways of communication with other people in the group. They are

  • Email to all members of the group
  • A WhatsApp Group called "IITKGP68" for members who requested inclusion

From the information in the contact list, you can

  • Call friends you have not seen in a long time, maybe even see each other in video with WhatsApp or FaceTime.
  • Notify your friends in a particular city you are visiting and arrange to meet them
  • Create and use an email distribution list with only a few of the people on ths list
  • Make your own WhatsApp group with selected members of this group

Welcome to an unique community of lifelong friends who share fond memories of coming of age and many indelible experiences that other people will never understand.


  • Swapan Hazra for making contact with many classmates and getting their email addresses, in the early days of email
  • Samit Bhattacharya for starting the use of email distribution lists to communicate with our classmates
  • Swapan Hazra and Biplab Sengupta for the spreadsheets set up in the 2018 50th Anniversary celebrations. These had emails, phone numbers and spouse names for the people who attended
  • Prabhat Tandon for starting a WhatsApp group for our classmates
  • Arup Paul for initiating a 1968 Mechanical Engg Class List and looking for classmates who nobody had heard from
  • Sujit Dasgupta and Vinod Prasad for writing down and verifying the complete Roll number list for 68 Mech
  • The IIT Kharagpur Technology Students' Gymkhana for the Souvenir Udyoga issue with the photos and writeups of most of the 1968 graduating class

Please send any feedback, corrections or additions to Supriyo Sen.

Supriyo Sen
Roll Number - 112 ME 1968

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