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Learn to Read and Write Bangla(Bengali)

This website is intended to teach and facilitate the use of the বাংলা Bangla (Bengali) language
  1. On any "computer" with an internet browser like a Desktop or Laptop (PC, Mac, Linux), Tablets or Smartphones (iOS or Android)
  2. At anytime, from anywhere with an Internet Connection or WIFI access
  3. With NO software/fonts to install and maintain on your computer

Where to Look

The contents of this site are described at About This Site.


  • Learn Bangla Section -
    • Useful background material are in Posts as you Learn Bangla.
    • The instructional material to Learn the Alphabet and (grammatical) Conversational Bangla. Quizzes to test progress and word lists for use by students.


    Advanced Students

  • Write Bangla Section -
    • Writing Bangla on any computer (Phonetic and Visual keyboard methods)
    • Tools like access to Samsad Dictionary, Phonetic Transliteration (Phonetic<->Bangla) and English to Bangla Translation
  • Practice Resources Section - Access to Bangla videos, audio, Unicode text, newspapers, blogs, magazines and even including Complete Works of Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Prize winner, who wrote the National Anthems of Both India and Bangladesh.


    Bangla Teachers

  • The site and the methodology used will be well suited for teaching Bangla over the Internet. You may find the course curriculum entitled A Guided Course for Conversational Bangla useful in designing a curriculum for your students.

Thank you for visiting this site. If I can help you in any way on your quest to learn Bangla, send me a comment by clicking on the "Comments" button in the footer. I will try to make your learning experience a positive one.

Supriyo Sen
সুপ্রিয় সেন

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