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A sampling of some of my many interests

Welcome to my Website !!!

My name is Jayati and I am a retired teacher. My interests and passions are wide and varied. This site encapsulates some of the things I love to do.


❤️ Creative Writing
Creative writing has been my best friend right from my high school years. I have also taught writing across the curriculum to my students with special emphasis on poetry. Over the years I have made this form my very own, and luckily, I can think of some form of creative writing no matter what the topic is!

❤️ Multi-cultural Workshops
I live in Houston, a very diverse city which is trying to preserve its cultural heritage. For the last 15 years I have conducted workshops on Indian festivals around the city. My favorite venues have been The Children’s Museum, Asia Society, Chinese Community center, together with small corporations, schools, retirement communities and so on. I have lot of new ideas to launch in creative writing and multicultural workshops as soon as our lives are back to normal after the pandemic.

❤️ Art and Design
The colorful designs on this webpage fall under the category of alpana which is a decorative art form from eastern India. I enjoy drawing these designs for friends, family, and community festivals. I also conduct alpana art workshops at a variety of venues in Houston.

❤️ International Travel
Another passion that rejuvenates me is travelling. I have traveled around the world and taken hundreds of photos. Visiting new countries and learning about their cultures is a big priority in my life. I plan to add some of my travel pictures and writing to share my experiences.


I hope you will enjoy my site!

Jayati Sengupta
Houston TX


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